Pay freezes, job losses, rocketing food and fuel prices, increased cost of living. Is it any wonder that more and more of us seem to be spending an increasing amount of time trying to figure out how to bring a little more cash into our household coffers?

Incomes which previously kept us living comfortably now seem to be stretched further and further every month and personal debt is at a high.

There are some things you can do to bring in some extra cash. Some are more obvious than others but, by being resourceful, you could avoid the lure of credit and the trap of debt.

Work workwork!

Here’s the obvious one. If you can do any paid overtime or extra shifts at work, this is the natural solution to bringing in extra cash. If your hours are fixed, you could consider a second job. Bar and restaurant work is often flexible and some call centres are looking for people to work evenings/weekends. If you have a young family and it’s not feasible to work away from home, look to see what you could do from home. As more businesses now operate online, there are often opportunities to work from home.

Share your opinion

Did you know you can get paid for doing surveys online, or for testing out products before they come to market? Many companies also look for mystery shoppers/customers to check in on products and services. If you fancy doing this, a quick search online will bring up a myriad of opportunities. You’ll need to invest a bit of time, but once you’re up and running it can be quite enjoyable.

Rent your room

If you have a spare room in your house and you don’t mind having an extra person living there, you could consider taking on a lodger to bring in some income via rent. Perhaps not one for those with young children, but if your family has flown the nest or you’re currently living alone then it can be a great opportunity to boost your finances.

Play the markets

This one is for those who have the time to commit to research beforehand, and you’ll need to have some assets to start with. Whether you want to start trading currency on the foreign exchange or trading for gold, you need to do your homework thoroughly beforehand. Professional trading companies can support you in your trades, with companies such as GEC gold trading offering advice and support. As with all types of investment, trading in currency or gold doesn’t guarantee you a profit and you need to make sure you only invest what you can afford to lose.

Keeping your head above water in these turbulent financial times can be tricky. But there really is no need for anybody to feel they are sinking, and if you are prepared to put in some extra time there are lots of resourceful ways to make sure you are staying afloat.