Has your relationship turned a bit boring between the sheets? You would not be alone if you said yes and there are in fact many relationships which, for one reason or another, start to nosedive when it comes to bedroom gymnastics. If this has happened between you and your partner then don’t worry, this does not spell the end of your relationship and it can actually be easily remedied. All you need to improve this area of your relationship is an open mind, healthy dialogue with your partner, and the desire to get things back on track. In order to help you spice things up in the bedroom, here are some tips to consider.


What usually happens in a relationship that has lost its va-va-voom in the bed, is that sex becomes nothing more than the missionary position, or spooning. This is such a shame because using different positions not only adds another dimension to how you have sex, it can also greatly help a woman to climax as different positions are able to stimulate different erogenous zones on the body. Try mixing the positions up during sex for a better experience for everyone.


If you are feeling adventurous then why not introduce some toys into the equation, and ramp up your foreplay action before sex. This isn’t too say that you should go out and splash the cash on a wide range of sex toys, but introducing items like vibrators or vibrating penis rings, will instantly add a touch more excitement in the bedroom, for both parties. If you spend more time on foreplay, especially with the use of toys, you will find that sex itself is far more passionate, more enjoyable and  ultimately more satisfying.

Bringing a Friend

When it comes to the idea of swinging or inviting someone to join you and your partner in the bedroom, you must ensure that you have a solid relationship which is free from jealousy. Introducing extra people during sex can be truly exhilarating but if you have any issues in the relationship this will not be a good idea, as it can bring about jealousy and paranoia, not exactly the best way to spice up things in the bedroom! If however your relationship is in good health and you are simply looking to boost things in the bedroom, asking more to join in could be just what you are looking for in order to take sex to the next level.

Role Play 

If you have never used role play in the bedroom before then this is going to be something exciting which you and your partner can use to boost the quality of your sex. Essentially you will be playing parts during sex, and you should try to dress up and act like a fantasy which your partner has. Perhaps your partner likes uniforms, this is a fetish which you can easily emulate and help them to further enjoy sex. Only use role playing from time to time, as getting used to it will only ensure that the novelty is lost.