Even though you may be travelling to the end of the earth on a cruise ship, it is still important to be aware of the things that you need to take with you and how to travel to Antarctica. This is my guide for packing all the right things to have the most pleasant trip possible. Read on to find out more.

A warm coat

This is something that you can either choose to purchase yourself or your tour operator will provide for you, therefore it is a good idea to check this first. It is really important when thinking about how to travel to Antarctica for you to realise that this does need to be anything crazy because it will be the middle of the summer and you won’t be experiencing the cold temperatures that could occur during the winter months.

Winter boots

Waterproof boots are extremely important for protecting your feet, especially if you are stepping onto the mainland or going on a Zodiac tour. These should definitely have some good grip so that you can navigate the ice. Along with some good socks, these are going to save your feet and will ensure that you can keep adventuring day after day.

A good camera

A DSLR is the perfect option in this instance and if you can afford to get one or already have one then you absolutely need to bring it along. You will quite literally be taking thousands of photos of all the wonderful landscape, weather and wildlife, so you need to make sure that the camera you take is worth of the pictures too. Along with this you need to make sure you pack some extra batteries and also some extra storage options, because like I said, you will be taking a lot of photos.

Some comfortable shoes for indoors

This is also a great idea when you are on your cruise ship and your feet will welcome these after a hard day of being on your feet all day, and wearing thick socks and boots. These are also great for slipping on in case you need to get on deck quickly to see something!


These are an absolute must, because you won’t always be able to see everything up close and these are an absolute godsend. I remember when I saw some seals on a far away chunk of ice and I was able to whip out my binoculars and get a closer look at these amazing creatures.

Warm layers

The best way to stay warm in Antarctica is to actually layer appropriately. Ideally these will be thin layers that you can easily take on and off without much trouble. This makes it much easier to avoid being cold because you can simply take one layer off or put another one on. This doesn’t work well with thicker layers, as you will be either too hot or too cold.

Protection for your hands, face and head

This is very important, especially if the weather gets especially cold and the wind starts to pick up. These sensitive areas are very prone to feeling very cold and it is not a pleasant experience without having the right protection.