Dan LevineI have to admit that, before I understood the magazine’s mandate to promote pan-cultural DEPROGRAMMING and RESYNCHRONIZATION, I was sometimes irked by THINK’s relentless coverage of CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

Until, that is, I realized that the magazine itself is an AGENT for one of the biggest conspiracies of all. Admittedly, it’s not always easy to glean each month’s HIDDEN AGENDA, but that’s exactly what’s so DIABOLICAL about it. Clearly, this SUBVERSIVE publication is sending CODED MESSAGES to a select group of SLEEPING CELLS, though their exact nature must understandably remain a MYSTERY.

The evidence is clear, and begins with the name itself: THINK, a by-word for computing and hackers that for decades was the single-word tagline for IBM (which, by the way, became the largest computer manufacturer to the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and has links with MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS).

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Later, of course, Apple Computers, which many believe to be CONTROLLED BY SECRET FORCES, cleverly hijacked the tagline for their own campaign, “Think Different” (which, by the way, may be a coded message to foreigners because of its incorrect English, but that’s another story).

Moreover, if you type “THINK” into the Google search engine, the top site to come up is Apple Computer (www.apple.com).

And if you type “think magazine” into Google the first five entries include this magazine, IBM Computers (!), and the SYCAMORE CHURCH (members. aol.com/thinkpaper), a highly secret religious cult that believes we’re entering a new DARK AGE and the end of the world is neigh, and admonishes its followers with its own STARTLING biblical tagline from Philippians 4:8

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – THINK about such things.” think secret code in windings font Evidence also points to the fact that this SUBVERSIVE periodical is sponsored by both MICROSOFT and ALIEN SPACE MONSTERS.

Proof of this lies in the fact that if you type the letters “THINK” using wingdings (in MS Word), you get the following: THINK.

Plainly, this means “Anthrax is The Way to Hand Death to People.” And if you then type a period (.), which symbolizes THE END, you get the character of the mailbox, which, of course, is the preferred method of distribution of this TERROR. Could there be a connection between THINK magazine and the CIA? … Both have the same vowel in the middle.

And it’s also likely that THINK is tangled up in an EVIL PLOT with the Taliban: OSAMA and THINK have the same number of characters! Of course, there’s so much more, and that’s why I look forward to getting my copy of THINK each month and reading between its lines.

Oh yeah, I like the pix of hot club chix in the back too!

Dan Levine is Editor in Chief of Avant-Guide Travel Books