Once you’ve planned your holiday; booked the flights, organized a great place to stay and decided what activities you’ll do, it’s time to start preparing for the trip itself.

Even seasoned travellers will have a checklist that they stick to religiously to make sure that everything goes to plan. There’s nothing worse than heading off on the trip of a lifetime and realizing you’ve forgotten something because you haven’t prepared properly.

So here’s our list of important things to check, some are important even before you’ve booked anything at all.

Do you need a visa?

This is a major question you need to ask yourself, a lot of countries will grant you a visa on arrival but there are a number of countries that will require you to get a visa in your home country. Give the embassy a call to check the requirements. If you do need to apply check which documents you need, more often than not you will have to show a flight itinerary for visa applications.

Health and Safety

Give your local health center a call to ask about any vaccinations you need. It’s a simple process, you just tell the nurse the country and places you’ll visit, then he or she will provide you with a list of the jabs you need. Remember that some of these vaccinations cannot be taken at the last minute because they need time to be effective. When it comes to safety, it’s good to read up about the place you’ll visit to avoid any unwanted problems.

Cash and Currency

You may be surprised to hear that in some countries it can be very difficult to locate an ATM, if that is the case you’re going to need cash on you at all times. You might not be able to get hold of the local currency back home, so our advice is to always bring dollars and euros – these two currencies are accepted in nearly every country. Always have some of the local currency on you for when you arrive at the airport and need to take a cab.

We hope this helps. Do you have any stories about visas, health or money before/during your travels? We’d love to hear them to help our travel community here. Just pop your thoughts down in the comment section below.