With 7 billion people on the planet and almost half the resources (wealth) cornered and controlled by so few players (the Banksters and the ‘Romney Rich’), there seems no chance for new alternatives to rise up if they in any way threaten the status quo of the elite.

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Democracy itself is pointless if those levers of power are fully entrenched in the hands of the corporatocracy, and everyone alive today with two brain cells knows that the President of the United States™ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fortune 500 and is responsible for balancing the needs of the moneyed with the demands of the people.

So, other than a total collapse of the existing order, we need a democracy purified from the influences of the moneyed elite to corrupt it, and one of the first steps is to eliminate the central banks that have privatized the economy and taken it out of the hands of the people and manipulated it to their own advantage.

And how is that? Well, if you take a look at the current monetary system collapsing around us today, the main problem is the use of ‘interest bearing currencies’, for example, the ‘Federal Reserve Note’ below:

US Federal Reserve Note

These time bombs are:

  • Issued by PRIVATE banks and then LOANED to the governments AT INTEREST.
  • Income taxes need to be collected to pay this interest to the private banks.
  • Private bankers, and the politicians they control, can inflate the currencies at will; intentionally destroying it’s purchasing power and stealing value from the people.
  • This ever-increasing national debt has enslaved entire nations of people and ensured that humanity’s ability to progress is retarded.


Due to this national debt regime, it has been estimated that about 51% of retail prices are a result of the costs of servicing the national debts transacted via these debt-based economic instruments (money). What that really means is that right now, everything in the stores is about twice as expensive than it would be if the citizenry were to assume governmental sovereignty and issue a national currency, such as the United States Note.

If you’re thinking that precious metals are ideal monetary system however, it is not, as they really are too scarce to handle the demands of daily transactions for a planet going on 8 billion. And even all the cash money in circulation today is not enough. It’s been estimated that if you were to evenly divide all of the currency in circulation around the world, we’d each end up with just a few thousand dollars.

WE, in the West, are able to have more than that due to the fact that all of the poor in the Third World have just about five cents. (Oh, but don’t feel bad about that… THEY live thousands of miles away after all, and you’ll probably never have to meet them, so it won’t really be a problem until that point in time that humans are consuming more than the planet can reproduce, then it’s the 6 billion plus 5-cent earners vs. the less than 400 million who make $40,000 a year and upwards… but I’ll get to that later).

The ideal system for fairness and economic sustainability is national currencies issued WITHOUT interest, which governments can do once the people demand it adamantly. The advantages are so obvious; one has to wonder why the current system is allowed to exist at all, being intentionally designed as it is to STEAL the wealth of the average person.

U.S. Note

For example, a "United States Note" (such as has existed fine previously) is beneficial because:

  • There is NO need for income taxes (corporate income and consumption taxes can fund the government).
  • There is NO inflation due to interest.
  • It accrues NO national debts.


So which of our leaders have tried this before? The answer to this could very well be why JFK was assassinated… on June 4th, 1963, John F. Kennedy issued $4.3 billion in "U.S. Notes" (which had been printed at great cost and well in advance). He was then MURDERED five months later and the U.S. Notes he had issued were immediately taken out of circulation and destroyed.

Another president, Abraham Lincoln, issued U.S. Notes in 1862 to preserve the Union and paid with his life when he was assassinated in 1865 after indicating that the new regime would stand now that the Civil War had concluded. A couple decades before that, Andrew Jackson (in the main image above), crusaded loudly and publicly against interest-based private banking cartels, and issued U.S. Notes in 1828, only to face TWO ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS on his life.

Karl Marx wrote about the problem we face, describing it in the 4th Stage of Capitalism, (when unrestrained market forces create monopolies – in this case – banking). At this stage of capitalism, the profit motive rules and the average person’s only real options are to work for the capitalists for wages, or starve.

This is because the elites of the capitalist class are actively acting to destroy alternatives to their growing extraction of wealth from the economy, by control of the legislatures which then focus almost exclusively on creating laws to protect that wealth by expanding mechanisms of control (the Police State).

According to Marx, just like the slave societies and Feudal systems preceding it, Capitalism also has critical failings – built in contradictions that can only lead to its collapse.

The working classes of the citizenry, developed by the capitalist class in order to labour and produce commodities (and profits) for them, end up being the actual "grave diggers of capitalism". This flaw is inherent in the corporatist system, as workers are not paid the full value for what they produce, due to "surplus value" (profits, or what Marx called the "unpaid labour of the working class") continually being extracted from the economy.

To insure "growth", the capitalists are forced by competition to strive to depress the wages of the working classes in order to increase their own profits, which ALWAYS creates class conflict, giving rise to increased class consciousness amongst the workers, who upon recognizing this exploitation, (and the anti-social institutional behavior of the ruling elite), take action to free themselves from this exploitation. Then you either end up with collapse or complete fascism, if a middle way cannot be found.

In classical Marxism, the struggles of the laboring class against the assaults on their liberty by the capitalist class can only lead the workers to establish their own collective control over production – the basis of the socialist society.

So it is no accident that the media, controlled by the corporate elite, have gone to great lengths to demonize the word Socialism, but the fact remains that capitalism always leads to monopolies, and monopolies always push the majority of the population into poverty and debt slavery.

Outlets like Fox News constantly ignore how Marx clearly outlined how a socialist society, having risen from a self conscious movement of the vast majority, builds a society where the vast majority are GOVERNING OVER THEIR OWN LIVES (or, living free without having to die for it as the right wing would have us believe, just listen to Ted Nugent today).

So here we are, with TRILLIONS of dollars of interest debt weighing society do
wn from progressing towards the greatest good for the greatest number of people and ironically, the fewer restrictions the people enact through democratic means upon the "free market" the sooner society finds itself in crisis… and borrowing a few more trillions will not solve the problem at this stage.

But just what is a "trillion dollars"? What does it look like?

Let’s start with the $100 bills above, currently the largest denomination circulating in the USA. Everyone has seen them, very few have never owned one, and they’re always guaranteed to make you friends wherever you go…

A packet of a hundred $100 bills is less than half an inch thick and contains $10,000, fitting easily into most pockets and more than enough to sustain a couple weeks of truly decadent fun.

one million dollars

This next little pile of greenbacks is ONE MILLION DOLLARS, and believe it or not, you could easily stuff it into a grocery bag and cruise around town with it (although I wouldn’t advise that).

100 million dollars

While a measly $1 million bucks seems a little unimpressive, $100 million will require some wheels to move around, we recommend a pallet jack and a pallet. Mitt Romney has about 2 to 2.5 of these pallets…

What about a BILLION dollars? Now we’re talking some real money…

1 billion dollars

Now let’s take a look at just ONE TRILLION dollars… this is the number we hear about so often, but few can even conceive what a trillion dollars is. Well, its a MILLION million, or a THOUSAND billion. That’s a one followed by TWELVE zeros. Check it out…. (and notice that them thar’ pallets are DOUBLE STACKED!)

1 trillion dollars

So just how much debt is there in the world today?

A study released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2011 found that global debt stock doubled in the years 2000-2010, from $57 trillion to $109 trillion, and will need to grow by a completely destructive $210 trillion by 2020 in order for world GDP to retain its current growth rate.

With an expected 8 billion humans on the planet by 2020, that comes to each and every human being, infant to invalid, "owing" $26,250 in debt obligations to the global banking elite, the One Percent. And rumours are rife that the 1% plan to "eliminate" all those 5-cent earners as "redundant" (SEE VIDEO) .

(By the way, this is call "credit-driven growth” a recursive method in which credit feeds growth, growth that can only take place with additional credit issuance)

And you know what’s holding it all together? Faith.

Faith that money is even worth anything at all.

And since money isn’t "real" in the sense of having any practical use as a resource, and all that interest debt going to enrich the One Percent, it is high time that the citizenry, the vast majority, the 99%, call them what you will, take back the reigns of government and enact change to prevent A TOTAL COLLAPSE, perhaps starting off by issuing interest free currencies to replace the debt laden ones, and then transitioning to a "Resource Based Economy ".

If you’re curious about what that is, it’s a concept originally developed by Jacque Fresco, a "holistic socio-economic system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude".

And it’s a good idea whose time has come. We can avoid collapse only by reigning in the debt lords and making them accountable for the system they have built, and building a secure economic foundation to ensure that we won’t have to slip into the long dark night of fascism.

Click this link to learn more about it at the Venus Project…