When it comes to romance, showing her how much you love her is more that just saying sweet nothings, it requires a little creativity to touch her heart. The following tips will show her exactly how much you love her and and leave no doubt that she has found the love of her life.


Compliment Her Daily – Don’t just tell her she looks pretty, take the time to really let her know what you love about her. Leave her a note how you love how she plays with her hair when she’s nervous, how her eyes make your knees weak, and how you can’t keep your eyes off her when she walks by. Make it a habit to leave her little notes each day that compliment her looks, her personality, and her passion.


Cook Her a Special Dinner – By now you should know what her favorite meals are. When she is out for the day, plan on cooking her favorite meal and spoiling her that night. The minute she walks in the door, escort her to her candlelit table, bring her the meal, and make sure to have her favorite music playing in the background. Pamper her and show her how much you appreciate her.


Write a Love Note – There is no need to write perfect poetry or a long essay on how you feel, just make a short note about why you love her. Let her see what you are really feeling inside, then mail the letter to her work or put it in her car so she finds it when she heads out for the day. This love note will make her smile and reassure her that you two were meant to be together.


Buying Her Flowers – Every girl loves flowers, so make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to get her the biggest bouquet of roses this Valentine’s day. Just order Valentines day roses online and they will be delivered to her office or home on that big day. The quality of the flowers will leave her no doubt that you truly love her and she will eagerly show off her gift with her friends as she brags about how great you are.


Surprise Her Often – Don’t start falling into a routine and only telling her you love her when the mood strikes, surprise her. Tell her to dress nice, then pick her up and whisk her off to a fun night of dancing, a romantic dinner, or a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Whatever romantic activities are near your town, make it a point to surprise her once in a while with a night just for her.


The best way to show her that you love her is to focus on her as much as possible. Go out of your way to surprise her, flatter her, compliment her, and don’t be afraid to share your feelings with her and confide in her all your dreams of the future.