Online gaming is a hobby for many nowadays, as people mainly live online. After a tiring day at work, we just have to get home, switch on our laptops or mobiles and access our favourite gaming site. There are more and more online gaming sites where you can find games with amazing graphics and great features. However, we all know that when it comes to games, there is a huge work behind, mainly in the development of the software. We cannot count how many online casinos there are, but when it comes to the use of proprietary software, we can say that there are not many casinos who use their own software.

Proprietary software is the software that has been developed and is owned by a specific individual or company. The development sources are kept secret to keep the software restricted to specific sites, which allows the site to be unique and original in terms of games. The proprietary software varies from developers according to the touch of uniqueness and distinctiveness they would like to bring. Normally, the use of the software has limitations such as it cannot be used by others due to copyright, unless it is sold by the proprietor.

One of the rare sites that use their very own software is Magical Vegas. Magical Vegas loves being exclusive and customer’s satisfaction matters most. Thus, Magical Vegas bring games that have been developed by themselves, while putting forward games from different providers as well. If you like game providers like NetEnt, Scientific gaming, GECO and IGT, you can enjoy these games at Magical Vegas. But to make the experience more enjoyable, you can try their DaGaCube games, which cannot be found elsewhere. To get a glimpse of Magical Vegas’s exceptionality, sign up now and try any of their exclusive games. Even better, there are 5 progressive jackpot games, which have been designed by themselves. While enjoying a sense of uniqueness, you also stand a chance to win big!

Magical Vegas brings home the magic with exclusive slots games like: Cash Diner which brings you back to the retro days. If you are a food lover, the game is perfect for you as it features the American dinner and shows yummy burgers, French fries, Chocolate desserts and Sundaes. You will be served with this game offering good winning opportunities.

You can also try the exclusive game Santa’s stash which will bring you into the festive mood of Christmas. It is not snowing yet, but on this game you will be mesmerised by the snowflakes, snowballs and Father Christmas will be here for you before time with winnings.

Whether you are an animal or a vintage lover, Magical Vegas has different themed games which you will love and which will suit all your preferences. Register, login and try any of these games: Cute and Cuddly, The lost slot of riches, Lady Luck deluxe, Jazz Cat, Groovy Revolution – All progressives and other non- progressive games like: Bubble time, Winbledon and cash scoop.