crack smoking readerAs I was looking through your last issue, the big ‘apology’ article on the inside front cover from THINK to GTS Travel caught my eye.

I read the complainant’s letter, and I could immediately sympathize. I have consistently had bad experiences with GTS travel ‘customer service’ representatives.

Most recently, I went in to renew my student ISIC card so I can get the discounted travel I deserve. In the most skeptical and sarcastic tone possible, I was told that the school I attend is not officially listed with the GTS office, and therefore, the hours I put in as a full-time Czech student no longer count.

They seemed to question if my school even existed, even though I have my ISIC card from last year with the school name written on it. They told me I would have to register at one of the recognized schools in order to receive my discounts.

The policy on specific schools is new this year and completely screws full-time language students who study at cheaper schools not on the official GTS list. OK, so there’s a new policy.

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Its bad enough that GTS decides which schools count and which ones don’t, but on top of having that policy, the attitude they used the entire time I was in the office was completely insulting.

When I mentioned the name of the school I attend, the woman who was opposing my application said that I look too old to be a student, and then glared at me daring to respond. I’m 29 for God’s sake – old dog, no new tricks.

I went on the official ISIC card website, and I found that I fall well within the age range for getting a card. Unfortunately, GTS travel is the sole distributor of ISIC cards in this country, and it appears they have taken it upon themselves to make their own rules for distribution of the card. If that isn’t bad enough, the confrontational attitude they show during the whole interview process when trying to get the card makes it not even worth the effort. I felt like I was a suspect in some heinous crime.

In the end, I got so fed up that I simply went down the street the American Express office, where I got a ticket for 3. 000kc more than I should’ve had to pay if I had an ISIC card. I have decided, however, that the extra money is worth not giving any of said money to GTS. I got great service at American Express, and I was able to even advance reserve a window seat for my flight, something GTS consistently refused to do for me in the past.

Maybe I’m too old to learn, but at least I’ve already learned that at my old age, I don’t have to put up with bad attitudes from people who want my money. f*ck GTS!

– Arthur Barns

letter written while having sex


I spent some time studying in Praha, and I read your zdarma magazine religiously, almost as religiously as I went to drink some gorgeous Czech beer at the Ziznivy Pes.

Now, I’m back stateside. I may not speak for the rest of America, but I do believe that this patriot, former ex-pat needs to have physical copies of these masterpieces in journalistic thought provocation.

Some articles furiate, some tantalize, some are well written credos on subjects most magazines are either too afraid to explore are not intelligent enough to do so, and some just plain suck.

Enough. My question is this: can I somehow pay to receive a physical copy of your magazine here in the emperialistic United States of America? Otherwise I am an Internet rat, plastered to the computer screen even more than I am now. Looking for some physical interaction in my life,

– Jason Michael Crow

Thanks for the letter Jason, the answer is simple; a subscription (NO LONGER AVAILABLE). If you live in the CZ, it’s just 200Kc for a whole year. If you live abroad, it’s 400Kc. Just send the proper amount (in any equivalent convertible currency) to: Think Magazine, Poste Restante, Jindrisska 14, Praha 1, 110 00 Czech Republic and we’ll put you on the list.

Hi there! ! !

Your magazine THINK just came to my hands and I’m really excited about it! Please let me know how and where I can get it.

– Thanx, Hana Austova

Well, Hana,

…the best way to insure you get a copy is to subscribe, because Thinks go fast. A couple of places that usually have lots is Radost Fx, Bohemia Bagels, U Maleho Glena’s, Terminal Bar, Roxy, Mecca, or at any one of hundred locations we distribute to in Prague.

Dear Think,

OK. This is Minstrel, and I wanted to thank you for finally responding to my letter of so many months ago. However, I’m sorry to inform you that it’s not possible for me to write another piece on the same theme as the one before, because, well, it wasn’t a theme. The problem we’re having here is a lack of communication. OR maybe just a difference in motivation.

While I understand that, from the publishing point of view, all stories have to be entertaining and flowing so as to keep the reader’s attention long enough to sell an ad or two, this is not my concern. Fighting the good fight is.

I was happy to hear that some people had commented on my piece, but am not very surprised to hear it. As a matter of fact, I would have taken it as evidence of a major evil, twisted plot had they not. You see, I am paranoid. Wait. Not just paranoid, but the ultimate paranoiac. Because I have to be.

Think of your normal, everyday hustler. Or undercover cop. These guys live the life that their targets feel the most comfortable with, and I do no less. We’re in the den of the lions, and can only hope that there’s an angel somewhere with tranquilizer darts.

But enough of this. On to the good stuff. If any of you feel cheated by the lack of Y2K incidents or terrorist bombings heralding the Millennium, only know that those in the know (which means me, of course, and a couple million of my good friends) are now preparing for the onslaught which is to come. Many will die, because that is how it has to be.

Blame it on the Aliens, if you want, or leave it up to those bubba-headed delights to save us, if that’s your thing, but never doubt that we deserve it. Are there any PETA f*ckers out there who support abortion?

Are there any Christians out there supporting the death penalty? f*ck you all, we don’t need your illogical bullsh*t get your doctrine straight before you get in my face.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s someone with a position so weak that I can shred it in five minutes. Bring on the pros, damn lefties too easy to target. Hold on, I am a lefty. I smoke pot, right? And lots of it, believe you me. And even I know the uses of a good civil liberties organization. My dad thinks global warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon, and I think he’s full of sh*t.

So I must be ‘enlightened’, right? Except for my rather unpopular position. Regarding those menaces to us all, those meat-puppets with demon-masters, those vessels of the deceivers, the Aliens, I’m a pretty with-it person. Except I have seen. And I’m scared out of my wits.

I am Minstrel, and I can fly. I live to serve, and serve to live. My brothers are warriors, and my sisters are healers. And my father is the sun.

A word to the wise: If you are worthy, if you are at one with yourself, your Spirit and your God, if you can be humble in the face of adoration and deflect the praise from yourself on up, then join us. We don’t ask for money, we’ve got loads. And we won’t ask for your soul, though that’s what is in danger if you don’t ask yourself some pretty basic questions. Like: Who are the Aliens? Why are they here?

Who is Abante Epiphanes? In whose form will he come? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask someone else, because I’m not giving you my phone number. f*ck that.

P. s. If anyone can tell me why Merlin lived backwards in Time, you’re in the club, and entitled to your free weekly newsletter ‘Fundamentals’ (which no one ever sees, since I think I’m the only person in Prague who receives it) and Elijah The Asskicker smiley-face pin. Enuf said.

– Minstrel


Subject: wine

the thing was but did yu ike the name-which means that since James spit wine n the cmputer, we have st the them ne f*ck sh*t bcks

– Dale Mccrea, The Desert Reclamation Society, London


Yep! That’s right! In spite of all my threats, and a few going away parties, I’m still here and we’re still playing. Why? Simple: the CD’s not done yet. How long will this last? Not so simple. I might be gone by March. But I might still be here in May. MAY??? Six months after the going away parties???

Well, if it seems odd to you, think how embarrassing it must be for me! On the other hand, recording is going well. We’ve had guests in, playing contrabass, trumpet, fiddle, Hammond organ, saxophone and trombone so far. So one question now is just how much of that we want to use, as it takes us farther from the sound we – and you – are used to. We’ll strike a happy medium, I’m sure.

New Year’s Eve – what can I say? After seven shows in three days on the Christmas weekend and a couple more in between, we had the rockin-est night ever at Scarlett’s, then played the Marquis on Sylvester from 8:30 PM to 5:30 in the morning.

Contrary to JB’s assurances that things would ‘mellow out’ after 2 AM or so, the crowd was still up and dancing when the management said okay, they were tired, we should stop already. That’s the best way I could have thought of to welcome the Millennium, playing and singing to a bunch of people dancing. I do hope it’s an omen.

Back to the present, we’re doing our standard two gigs weekly now, spending the rest of the week concentrating on recording. You can catch us at Red Hot or Scarlett’s at the usual times. We’re talking with Chelsea’s near Mustek about Fridays, but there’s nothing concrete there yet.

– Love and music to you, Jeremy