Don Forman is not new to philanthropy as he has been actively involved with humanitarian causes for almost all of his adult life. A successful luxury car dealer, wine connoisseur, and humanitarian, he has been one of the Las Vegas most notable movers. He teamed up with Fox5 Surprise Squad in 2014 and has appeared in several episodes, gifting people with a brand new car.

He lives by the code of family first, business, and giving back to society. Something that a true good old soul can only envision in the midst of a materialistic world. Don Forman has never been one of those business owners who only seeks proprietary gains. He has always been a good sale person but never took off on the wrong foot of the game. He still has his feet landed on solid ground and never forgets where he came from. This is a way, speaks volumes of the man who never hesitated to partner with Fox5’s Surprise Squad. He is a remarkable man, who seeks nothing but a better life not just for himself, but for everyone around him.

Fox5 first aired a segment of the Surprise Squad in late 2014 with Don Forman as one of their partners. The television crew surprises people within Las Vegas and the neighboring areas, so no one knows exactly where they will pop up. Creating segments when they reach their destination, the Surprise Squad speaks volumes of how surprising people with a good deed create a new kind of consciousness amongst the population. 

The show has successfully invaded the airwaves and many people are constantly following every episode. People from around the world have been touched by stories of people who are trying to survive everyday life but are being held back by an adversity. Stories like a young woman who had to juggle her time between her work, kids, and her dying husband touched so many people. 

Her story was shared on social media a million times and this is how raw every story is. It gets to everyone’s hearts and the show displays how fragile human life is to cave in with negativity. The show gives hope to humanity and gives a new meaning to graciousness, goodwill, and kindness. 

Don Forman, though he may be at the hindsight of it all, he is at the center of the changes that slowly creeps into the houses of Las Vegas. Television shows like the Surprise Squad take us back to the truest form of compassion and how we are all interconnected regardless of our race, nationality, and national boundaries. 


Putting Positive Things in the News with Don Forman and Fox5 KVVU TV Surprise Squad

With so much negativity happening in our country, it pays to have a television show like the Surprise Squad to give people inspirations and hopes to look forward to better things in life. In the recent years when news has become synonymous to the negative things happening in and outside our country, Fox5 KVVU TV in Las Vegas has brought a new kind of elegance and tenderness in the hearts of so many people.

A multi-awarded primetime show, the Surprise Squad is focused in bringing joy to the lives of ordinary Las Vegas residents. Simple acts of kindness like paying for a full tank of gas for their vehicle or surprising shoppers by paying for their groceries is making a huge impact on how Las Vegas residents are seeing a new kind of goodwill and goodness. Hosted by news anchor Monica Jackson, Dave Hall, Christine Maddela, and several veteran Las Vegas newscasters, the show has been an epitome of kindness and the human spirit.

They have been touching the lives of so many people, not just in Las Vegas but the rest of the world. Several episodes of Surprise Squad’s altruistic acts have brought tears to so many people, creating hope in humanity despite all the unfavorable situation of the world we live in. Bringing a new kind of hope in the goodness of those around you is what the television show brings to society.

All the acts of kindness and all the surprise gifts are made possible by companies and philanthropists who find fulfillment in other people’s smiles. Such is Don Forman who has been one of the prime partners of Surprise Squad since 2014. Together with his company, the United Nissan in Las Vegas and Tustin Nissan in California, Don Forman has given numerous people their own vehicle and cash prizes to make their everyday lives a little easier.

Don Forman and his wife Laurie, has appeared in several of the episodes, personally handing brand new cars to its recipients. In a world where negativity still lurks from behind every adversity and human suffering, people like Don Forman and the team behind Surprise Squad sheds a different kind of light.

Not only are they sharing their blessings to the residents of Las Vegas, but they are bringing a message of camaraderie, decency, and graciousness to the rest of the world. Through the eyes of those who were given hope, such acts bring a new meaning to the word “news” and how it recasts the way compassion and generosity creates a better world.