IMF protestsJust how much less, I had no idea until finally I gave up writing. So, after years of “hiding” I now want to “emerge”, driven by anger knowing no fear; not really just believing the world and humanity is worth helping.

My hope is that 2000 will be a year of discontent when some of the dispossessed, dis-enfranchised, dis-inherited, dis-enchanted people of the world start to kick and shout in unison. Enough is enough, time to draw a line in the sand, people.

The Transnational corporations and their “puppy dog” supra-national organisations are carving up the world and at best the majority of people fit in the picture only as mindless consumers and debt-enslaved workers. The W. T. O., IMF, World Bank, EU and others are rapidly eliminating the possibility of nations to assert their sovereignty and foster true democracy i. e. a system of government that operates for the benefit of the majority of its citizens.

The game-plan is simple and the stakes are high. As Transnationals are given the rights of “citizens” under law, they are free to exploit the local markets and the people in them with impunity and repatriate earnings offshore to avoid taxes.

They have little concern for people/communities, as the laws of competition/market-forces dictate that production moves to the cheapest, yet relatively stablest, location. The relentless attacks on restraining wage growth whilst the remuneration of senior management and the professional classes soar is obscene and another example of how things do not operate for the benefit of the majority.

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Transnational “local citizenship rights” give rise to particular dangers in the case of privatized infrastructure, utilities, institutions etc. because if a majority of citizens ever voted to re-nationalize something, the Transnationals would bring the weight of local and global (World Court) justice down upon that nation. People have rights enshrined in constitutions and now those rights have been passed to Transnationals making them perhaps unstoppable.

Attempting to restrain Transnationals would be akin to an act of aggression, which in U.S. “speak” = acting against their national interest = national security = act of war. Would the U.S. invade say, Australia, if it pursued the wish of the majority and re-nationalized key infrastructure? Well, probably they’d try sanctions and slurs of “communism” or “nationalism” then seizure of overseas assets and finally invasion to “restore democracy”, acting multilaterally where they can and unilaterally where they must! The precedent has been set.

That’s not the only danger, but also the handing over of whole economies to foreign financial institutions and their shareholders plus the recognition of global intellectual property rights and patents on everything from software, drugs; too costly for the poor, to our own genes.

It’s a goldrush to get it all nailed down so poorer countries who could have once re-produced drugs and other essentials at a reasonable cost will find they risk infringement of global accords. They might as well shut their meager research labs as by the time anything comes off the line it will already be registered/owned by the Transnationals.

So before it’s game, set, and match to the Transnationals, our nations, through their people, must re-assert sovereignty and take control of their futures. Nations must strive for debt-relief and self-sufficiency from the community-level up, thereby reducing the crazed movements of finance, goods and services around the world.

Imagine a population getting involved and exerting their will by majority voting to decide the agenda and push ahead with reforms. Nationalism is not wrong, for only when a nation gets up off its knees can it contribute meaningfully to others around the world and thereby set an example.

The Transnationals want a global village with them as the collective Chief and the people isolated in it’s vastness unable to muster democratic forces. In this apocalyptic overflight there other elements which should be considered, including secret societies, alien forces and, perhaps most of all, religion. Whilst we assume these Transnationals to be secular, caring only for power and wealth, it is conceivable that religious and ethnic agendas are also being pursued. Such manoeuvres are not easily recognisable and even less transparent is the intended objective.

Awareness is the key as with most things in this conspiracy and to always question motives where ethic/religious influence is conceivably exerted or controlling interests exist.

Now, by nature I am not an activist and no doubt nor are most of you, but if we believe that we should contribute to the world and by doing so leave it in better shape than we found it, then we must become conscious and involved. If a seed-change is to take place (and I don’t mean GM), it will be in Western Europe where the unification presents a stage on which Pan-European demonstrations of huge proportions can be spontaneously ignited.

My vision for the years ahead is of a Europe metaphorically ablaze with its corrupt institutions crumbling and calls for real change echoing across the continent. From the ashes of this contempt for humanity can come the dawn of a new world in which everybody has a place, purpose and the tools/resources to develop a uniqueness and contribute to their community.

So, seek out like-minded people and support the demonstrations and let the intended disruption of the IMF/WorldBank meetings and other global events be the death knell of this great global conspiracy.

www.nomad. cz Jay the Global Nomad