The Great British weather – famed for being unreliable and the nemesis to our network of public transport.

It seems these days you don’t have to wait too long for a news story about a so-called ‘mega-storm’ – falling trees, flooded towns and the inevitable grinding to a halt of trains, buses and traffic.

According to a recent infographic from Buzz Conferencing, around 650,000 trips are lost every single year as a result of travel disruptions, with 150,000 of these believed to be of a business-related nature.

While these issues can never be accurately predicted as to when they will happen, it can’t be denied that they do occur regularly – and those who suffer as a result range from the commuters caught up in the usual cancellations and postponements to the businesses themselves that lose out as far as their output is concerned.

With train delays annually costing the UK economy £1 billion, an awful lot of money is being lost as a result of our over-reliance on something that isn’t exactly known for its reliability.

As a company, the common-sense solution would be to limit your risk when it comes to having your fortunes so closely entwined with the transport network.

The answer here could lie in allowing staff more opportunities to work from home instead, so when the snow does fall, it won’t make a difference. Your workers will still be able to operate and communicate with one another from their own homes instead of having to brave the outdoors.