This close everything is just relative.

I start to ignore the little things happening right next to you because you know their emotion and gestures are completely over exaggerated at this distance. So those tourists who feel freedom in the same space as you feel constraint represent that small picture thrill of being lost in a sea of small acts and emotions.

A lot of folks get caught up in the coming and going thing here, the sense of virgin territory not quite as innocent the closer you get, or the wider your view. In fact the indiscriminate cruelty of those powerful itches, and hell aren’t we just commodities after all.

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In a recent Czech film called Parallel Worlds, one of the characters writes off her boyfriend in the second that she sees him defer to another man, his business partner, but the ‘brains’ so to speak. she will never look at him the same way again.

It seems like it’s a little baffling when you first arrive, the absolute primitive level of mating. It’s the same as what you failed to see right next to you in (name a place). But there you go, things are reasonably clear with the distance, and the assholes and b*tches rise depending upon the scale it could be the opposite of rise.

And a liberated primal instinct means a liberated sense of powerlessness.

And then the complaints of those next to you, those aberrations your new friends!! Full of over weighted guidance and insight. It’s micro phenomenology run amok, and then you like me finally get the lowdown.

Yeah, so and so is an asshole, a rip-off artist, a playa, a user, thief, leech or worse, ‘I don’t know, I just don’t like that guy. ‘ Seen it, heard it and I was told the same thing about half my homies when I got here. I remember last summer there was this air that most people had given up on social alliances and a magnificent warmth and space opened unto which a remarkable amount of creativity and fun was had.

Those times are always transitory, but the big picture is always there, and in these long hot summer weekends, stranded in a town who’s inhabitants disregard it in protest of its burgeoning tourist attraction, there is no better time to capture those sublime and unrushed times with the odd stranger, maybe someone you’ve seen and heard rumors about but for whatever reason stayed aloof.

Perhaps get addicted to (pick a substance) with them and let the acknowledgement of all the perspective you share overwhelm the abstract blur of things moving fast and close to the vehicle.

Of course the best way to achieve that as well as a personalized experience in the milky melting pot that is Threshold is to check what you don’t know at the door and experience all the beautiful people through your own senses.

Made the it a great place to live for me.


Don’t Playa Hate. Masturbate.