Farang Untamed Travel thailandThailand’s Farang Magazine was a newcomer to the magazine scene back when I was travelling that land, a free magazine distributed about the popular back-backer area known as Khao San Road. It gave one a real sense of the kingdom and what to see and do, and was a fairly decent form of entertainment on many a long boat and bus ride.

But ever since they sold ownership to the Bangkok Post and started charging for it, I find it a bit drab and uninspired.

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You can feel that the original crewe that poured their hearts into it have waned or parted, and gone are the cheeky opinion pieces, edgy design and groundbreaking travellogs. At least it’s still better than the usual bland go here, buy this type of free travel mags one usually finds.

Chock full of ads, I guess they’ve become a victim of their own success, or maybe have just changed with the wind, in that manner that only the crazy world of Siam can conjure. But who knows… maybe one summer, you’ll find Think has filled the void.

Watch this space!