we own your assThe fiasco has been compared to the Republican Whitewater, but this goes far beyond some cheap, 20 year-old realestate deal gone bad; it goes right to the heart of why big buisness in the background of American politics has finally poisoned the reservoir.

The scandal is so damned big that the target changes everyday. From the fact that the company hadn’t filed federal income tax in four out of the past five years to the disgraced, former Chairman Kenneth Lay, who profited millions by dumping the company stock just months before the company exploded and finally to the former vice chairman, J. Clifford Baxter, who was found dead by apparent suicide, via gunshot wound, just a few weeks ago.

Yet even this stinks as it was Baxter, whom was mentioned in a memo written by former Enron VP turned whistle-blower Sherron Watkins which fingers that he expressed concern about Enron’s shady business prior to his stepping down.

As of this past week in January, the GAO (General Accounting Office-Congress’s investigative bloodhound) wants full access to the records hoarded by the energy task force that was headed by Vice President Dick Cheney. The task force drafted all sorts of proposals which many claim were bent to suit Enron. But with Cheney refusing to release them, the GAO is suiting up to sue the White House.

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But all in all why should we give a sh*t? Enron, the White House and all the rest of those bloated, pig-whoring sonsab*tches are on the other side of the globe.

It’d be easy to buy into that but please, dear God, don’t. Whether you know it or not, some form of the Enron beast will barrel down your street come a knockin’ some day. The countless backdoor deals, subsidies and spin-offs owned directly and in-directly by the crooked E reach far beyond the continental US.

The shock wave of financial destruction sent off from this class-A turd is wrecking it’s way across the US. And Goddamn when it tears over that great, big ocean and ends up on your doorstep. Dig in and button up cause the sh*t’s starting to stink.

But in the afterthought, the greatest tragedy of this whole mess is, is that it had to be our Big Government that was in bed with this beast. This is nothing but bad, shameful blood for the United States:

but I’ll be damned if I don’t love America, yet it’s times like these when that love cuts way too deep and puts one in such terrible displacement that when I look back to the west and see the fires starting to burn over the horizon; that I take a hard swallow and admit that I have become ashamed of the cross I bear under the guise of the great beauty that real men like Jefferson created.

It’s truly heartbreaking to think that people like him aren’t around anymore to stand up and clear out all of this cancer… if somebody doesn’t do something quick, this is going to break the levy and when it does, I’m afraid the Banner just wont sound the same as it did before.

For the sake of the nation and it’s people, I hope to God that all the scum bags who harbored this mess get the pleasure of rotting in the Federal penitentiary with the rest of the crooks. God Bless America.