I love you Zaneta.

This isn’t brain surgery. It’s just Think!

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes life can change in just a week or two, or even a day?

Take Sept. 11th for example, will you ever be the same, will we ever be the same? For me, 9-11 was one of the happiest days of my life, but not because of the horror in New York. That was the one day in fours years that the woman I loved let her guard down for a couple hours and let me know the real her.

She has been my inspiration all these years, my reason to aspire to do great things, but sometimes that’s not enough. Letting go of that has opened many new roads for me, many paths to choose, many new people to meet and to get to know.

So keep your eyes open for the very things in life that move you most, and know that the spirit of Think lives on in each of us, infected by it as we are. Spread the word, or add value to the human chain.