'A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction' by Jon StewartHardcover with full color graphic spreads, this book is a quality piece of work. But more important is the book and its authors’ contribution to their very topic, American Democracy.

At a time when global media consolidation and terrorist attacks have silenced nearly all voices of dissent in the United States, The Daily Show has been a precious half-hour window of progressive thought in an otherwise conservative, corporate controlled media.

Perhaps its the humor of the show that allows it to thrive, disabling even the most ardent of criticism with a quick laugh.

But the message of The Daily Show and America is much more serious than their humorous tones let on. Just as The Daily Show offers an alternative to the noise and din of cable news, America offers an alternative to the flag-dripped histories of the United States where pre-Columbian inhabitants and women are just footnotes.

In this day and age it is paramount to have alternatives to the now polluted mainstream political thought, which attacks Jon Stewart as being Anti-American and a member of the “loony left”. Ask anyone who saw Jon Stewart’s, a man who lived blocks from the WTC, broadcast after September 11 and tell them he’s unpatriotic.

This book offers an alternative to this posionous political enviroment, typified by Jon’s recent appearance on Crossfire, and remains a thorn in the side of the radical right who wish to keep their lock upon the media, the government, and America itself.