9/11 Lies

9/11 was a ‘false flag’, military/intelligence, ‘black-op’ covert operation (ie; 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB) in highest probability carried out and orchestrated by corrupt elements in the US government together with private individuals and foreign agents…

Regarding the Twin Towers (North Tower WTC1 and the South Tower WTC2) and the Salomon Brothers Building (WTC7), research and evidence shows the best hypothesis is as follows:

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WTC1 and WTC2, each after getting hit by an airplane, were systematically exploded at floor levels and at base levels with PRE-planted explosives and high temperature incendiary devices. Approximately 7 hours later, WTC7, which was a 47 story steel framed high rise with offices for many high-level government agencies, which was NEVER hit by an airplane, was systematically imploded with PRE-planted explosives and/or high temperature incendiary devices.

Open air smoldering jet fuel fires do not burn hot enough to weaken steel enough to enable all 3 buildings to collapse in near perfect symmetry at near free fall speed directly through their paths of greatest resistance. Even if impact damage and intensely hot fires were the cause of initial collapse, the Law of Conservation of Momentum would slow or topple, and then ultimately arrest the fall.

Instead concrete from two 110 story buildings was micronized to dust, and steel beams and bone fragments were propelled hundreds of meters in all directions. Have you ever seen an explosion before? Even if falling debris carved out a 1/4 of WTC7, which is highly unlikely, then it would fall towards the side of the damage. Instead it elicits all the tell tale signs of classic demolition, with crimp in the roof where it falls first, and then the rest of the building follows straight down into its own footprint. Have you ever watched as a tree is being chopped down? Have you ever watched as a building is purposely imploded or brought down by controlled demolition?

The US government’s official conspiracy story is not scientifically supported. IT IS A LIE.

There is testimony from 118 FDNY firefighters saying they either heard, felt or saw explosions. The melting point of steel is 1350C and the max burning temp of jet fuel is 980C. There was molten metal found in the sublevels of all 3 buildings. Never before or ever since 9/11 has any steel framed skyscraper ever collapsed "due to fire", let alone 3 in the same day.

NIST’s own report states that none of the recovered core columns experienced temperatures in excess of 250C. How then did these things happen? Take time to watch the videos below and read the scientific peer reviewed documents. Do what you can to educate yourself, your family and your friends. Support a new independent investigation into 9/11 to expose these criminals. They must be exposed because they are rotting the heart of America, spreading death and destruction throughout the world, and to prevent another similar action.

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