Sports fans have much to celebrate in the UK, because the country has got so many great athletic events going on, from Wimbledon tennis to cricket, and everything in between. But for many sports fans, there is absolutely no debate that football (or soccer, to Americans) is by far the best sport to play and watch! If you’re not convinced now, after reading this you will be!

It’s inexpensive to play

There are so many sports that require tons of expensive equipment in order to reach any sort of high level of play. Think about tennis rackets, golf clubs, cricket bats… with soccer, all you need is a group of enthusiastic players, a big grassy space, and a ball. That’s all. And that’s everything.

It’s popular

There’s nothing wrong with watching some of the more obscure sports out there; in fact, it can be quite fun. But there’s no denying the utter thrill and rush that comes from joining a massive crowd in cheering on your favorite team. And since football is one of the most popular sports in the world, you can count on that.

Great teams

The UK has got some of the best football teams out there, and intense rivalries that will keep you spellbound all season long! It’s something you really have to experience for yourself, so get tickets to see Manchester United play one of their rival teams, and you’ll be in for the experience of a lifetime. Manchester United are widely seen as the biggest football team in the world and are known throughout the globe. With star players such as Wayne Rooney, Angel Di Maria and Juan Mata it is sure to be an amazing spectacle if you head to Old Trafford to watch a game. With their new manager Lous Vaan Gaal at the helm, the Manchester giants will be hoping that the good times return to United because they are a team with a glittering history!

International competition

There’s just something so fun about watching your home team take on other nations as their rivals. Whether you’re watching your country compete for the football gold in the Olympics, or cheering on your country in the World Cup, there’s always a great international competition to look forward to.

It’s exciting

Whether you’re playing or watching, football is one of those sports where the speed and intensity is always cranked up. There aren’t any long, boring breaks or time-outs. The clock is running, players are moving and your adrenaline is pumping down to the very last second.