Everyone knows that riding a bicycle to work is a great way to save money on a day to day basis. What you may not consider though are all the other beneficial reasons to consider changing your daily routine and riding a bicycle to work. There are many, and that’s why the Government has got involved with http://www.cycle2work.info/.

Helps to Achieve Weight Loss or Maintain Weight

If you are a heftier individual, then you are pretty much guaranteed to benefit from riding a bicycle to work regularly. Riding a bike is known to be a great way to lose weight and get active, without really feeling the burn too bad. Maybe the case is that you are just looking to tone up and get a little more fit and that can be easily accomplished as well.

Riding a bicycle has so many health benefits it’s hard to say which is the most important. It can help with your breathing, your heart, burn calories, tone muscles and so much more. You should consider taking a few minutes to learn all the health benefits of riding a bicycle to work.

It is Absolutely Wonderful for the Atmosphere

Riding your bicycle to work is not only great for your own health, but that of others as well. Riding a bike significantly reduces the pollution in the air that is produced on a daily basis from motorized vehicles on the road. Out of all the things that we do on a daily basis that harm our environment, the worst of all is probably our mode of transportation.

You may be surprised to find that there are numerous programmes that encourage cycling to work. These programs make it possible for people to cycle to work as a part of a movement that helps the environment.

It Can Be Stress Relieving; even mind enhancing

Any exercise can be great for stress relief, right? So riding your bike to work on a daily basis can practically promise to help keep you mentally balanced, as well as physically. After all, if a hard day at work is what usually stresses you out, then taking a bike ride home may be just what you need to calm down and find yourself in a better mood once you arrive at home.

It has even been found in studies that exercise before work can make your thinking clearer, your problem solving capacity better, and your decision making more effective.

It Can Be Faster than a Car

Depending on where you live, cycling may actually be a much quicker and more efficient means of transportation than any motor vehicle. With realisations like this, a significant proportion of the UK has turned to cycling as their regular means of transportation. Honestly, who wouldn’t rather speed past the cars while on their bicycle!

No matter what you reason, to save money or the environment, to lose weight or to ward off stress, you are doing yourself and this planet a great thing when you choose a bicycle over an automobile.