When you are planning on hanging photos you need to make sure that you follow a few key steps to make sure that the process goes smoothly and you hang it perfectly. If for example you are moving house or moving in to a property for the first time, one of the main ways that you will decorate your property is to hang pictures and paintings on the wall. You want to add your own influence to the new space, stamp your mark on it and really make it your own. The last thing you want to be doing is staring at all of the pictures on your wall and thinking that you didn’t place it correctly. So here are a few simple tips for you to follow.


Place it first 

The first thing that you have to do is to hold your picture up agains the wall that you plan to hang it on. You should sit down and think clearly about where the photo will look best on your wall, don’t rush your decision because you do not want to have to repeat the whole process again. A good rule of thumb is to hang the photos at your eye level. If there are a lot of chairs in the room then you will spend most of the time at a lower height that you would when standing, so you should consider putting the photo at your eye level when you are seated.

Make your mark

Once you have found the right spot on the wall it is time to make a mark so you know exactly where to hang it/ So, hold the painting in your preferred spot and grab a pencil. Then draw a line at the top of the frame. Of course this will not give you the perfect center position so you need to measure the photo and find your mark half way down from the line you have drawn.

Prep the picture

You should now get the photo ready to hang. If there isn’t something on the back of your frame already you will need your tape measure again, measure the width and then get a piece of string to put along the back of the photo, from one side to another. Then you are ready to hag your photo in the perfect position that you have chosen.