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Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the largest city in Israel. The city is sacred to the three major religions of the world, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. In Hebrew, Jerusalem is known as the City of Gold and is a fascinating place where there is a meeting of first century and the twenty first century. You can also find here the mixture of old neighborhoods and glistening high rise apartments and office towers. By making a trip to Jerusalem, you can believe what is written here because it is one of the places which have to be seen in order to believe.

A Few Facts

Jerusalem is divided into several districts including the Old City, West Jerusalem, East Jerusalem, Me’a Shearim, The German Colony and Ein Kerem. A well planned trip to Jerusalem package can never be complete without visiting the Old City which is a UNESCO heritage and is the ancient home to holy places of Jews, Christians and Muslims. East Jerusalem is seen by Palestinians as the capital of Palestine but it is a home of 200000 Jews and most of Jerusalem’s Muslim and Christians populations have long lived here.

West Jerusalem is undisputed Jewish-Israeli portion of Jerusalem and is also called New Jerusalem. Me’a Shearim is inhabited by ultra-orthodox Jewish people mostly. German Colony is a good place for drinking coffee and dining in restaurants. English is spoken mostly here by the Anglos then Hebrew in the streets here. Ein Kerem is secluded part in West Jerusalem which has an atmosphere of a village. Surrounded by hills with olive and Cypress trees, this region is a home of many artists and sculptors who own numerous galleries.

Thus Jerusalem has a lot to offer when you go to a trip to Jerusalem. Jerusalem tours are the best tours in Israel and you should never miss them when you make a visit to Israel.

How To Get In?

You can get in to Israel through the newly built Terminal 3 of Ben Gurion Airport which is situated next to highway linking Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Travelling from this airport to the Jerusalem center part takes only 40 to 50 minutes and it depends on the traffic in between. There are taxi services in Jerusalem and near the Ben Gurion Airport which you can avail after researching for a good taxi service. There is no international railway connection but there are railways internally in Israel which can be availed for services. Jerusalem is well connected to the railway network of Israel but the speed is slower and the scenery better there.

What You Can Find There?

Jerusalem tours have an amazing array of attractions for visitors and you can find them when you come for trip to Jerusalem. There are many must-sees places in Jerusalem which you can’t miss and there are numerous stories and historical events related to them. Take a guide along with you to discover the popular places in Jerusalem and you will never forget a great time spent there in your Jerusalem tours.