When it’s cold and time to warm up, electric heaters provide comfort and peace of mind – and since many of them are portable and can be used wherever they’re needed, they make the perfect solution when temperatures drop below our comfort level. Yet what you need to know is that there is a whole range of electric heaters on the market, each with different features – so how do you choose the best one for you? Here’s a quick guide to electric heaters, how they work, and how to choose.


Consider the environment and purpose first

Not all heaters work in the same way – and one type is more suitable for a certain environment than the other. Check your environment first; does the heater need to warm up a large area? Does the room have little insulation or does it tend to get draughty inside? Will it be used during the day or the night time? Below is a quick list of types of heaters and their advantages:

Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters project radiation onto objects, and the denser the object, the quicker it will heat up. As a result, these heaters warm up solid objects faster than the air itself. Radiant heaters are therefore perfect for rooms with poor insulation, high ceilings, or a constant draught, because whilst the air may circulate and cool the room down, the objects within them stay warm and cozy.

Oil-filled heaters

These heaters are probably the most popular because they tend to be very constant – they are filled with oil, which retains heat better. Once the oil inside is warm, the electricity shuts off automatically until the oil drops below a certain temperature. The circulation of the oil inside makes the heat even and reliable. There are no fans, so the heaters are silent and create no dust as well.

Fan heaters 

Fan heaters are perfect for quick solutions – they immediately blow heat on objects and warm them up much faster than other types. They come in various sizes, which is very handy; larger units can be placed in the corners of a room, whilst smaller models can be placed under tables or on side tables near people or objects.

Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters replicate nature in that the heat emitted by them is similar to the sun – they give off a soft glow, which heats up objects and people faster than other types of heat. They are also extremely safe because their soft glow warns children and elderly people that they are turned on and hot. Halogen heaters are also extremely light, making them quite portable. 

As electrical wholesalers like Recon Electrical (visit the website at www.reconelectrical.co.uk) would attest, choosing the correct heater is important; nobody enjoys cold days and nights, but selecting a heater that wasn’t designed for your specific surroundings might result in inefficient use and higher electric bills. With that in mind, always consider your needs and your environment before choosing.


Image attributed to dan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net