Each year I always endeavor to take the kids down to Cornwall for a camping trip and the reason why I started doing this is because when I was younger that was our big summer holiday. Whilst these days my kids are much luckier than I was and get a foreign holiday too, I still like to continue the tradition of heading down to the southwest for a fun camping trip. We have got to the point now where we know the best campsites in Cornwall and what we will do when we are down there, and the kids have loved this trip every since our first one. There is so much to love about Cornwall and here is why my family really adores this place. 


We don’t really think of the UK as a great place for a beach holiday but in truth when the sun shines down on the Cornish coast, the beach is the perfect place to be. Not only is the weather much warmer in Cornwall than in the rest of the UK, the beaches are really beautiful and would’t look out of place on the Mediterranean. We often spend centre days doing nothing more than enjoying the beach with the kids. 

Fish and Seafood

The quality of fish and seafood which you’ll find in Cornwall is some of the best in the country and much of what you can enjoy down there is also what they eat in some of the country’s finest restaurants, only it can be found at less than half the price. The trawlers come in each morning with fresh fish and seafood and very often we will be eating it after it has only been out of the water for a matter of hours, as fresh as you can get! 


Something which surprised me a lot the first time that I brought the kids down here was just how much they enjoyed the great outdoors, which was of course what I was hoping for. We live in the centre of Manchester and whilst there is some natural landscapes to be found outside the city, are kids mostly spend their time in the urban jungle that is the city center. Cornwall really does have it all when it comes to natural settings and between the forest and the sea, there is plenty which the kids can enjoy by way of activities. 


Something which I remember very well from my younger days is the warmth of the Cornish locals and things are still very much the same in that regard. Things just seem much simpler down here and the locals place importance on the small details such as greeting people, helping each other out and generally being very welcoming indeed. This is something which my family have also recognized and it is just another reason why they love coming down here as much as they do. 

A great county and the perfect place for a camping holiday.