Online gambling players are used to things not going their way as is the unwritten law of the gambling. However, when your dreams don’t go your way you tend to wonder why. The same is true with these young soccer stars who didn’t have things go their way. 

Young Soccer Stars Who Fail to Live Up to Expectations

Sonny Pike

Sonny Pike had the potential to be one of the best soccer stars. At a young age, he managed to get the attention for Ajax, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur as well as other teams. Such that all those around him could see a bright future for this child. However, things don’t lays go as we plan them, and that was the case for Sonny Pike. He suffered a breakdown in 2000 due to all the pressure that was being put on him.

He then had to let go of his dream of playing soccer. However, he did let go of his love for soccer as he decided to be a crazy vegas casino player, so he can still bet on his favourite players.

George Best

Georgie Best was a young player who many saw had great potential. However, he did not live up what his fans expected of him in the soccer field. 

At 15, he had managed to score 178 goal out his 178 appearances. At that age, he had also managed to win the European cup. However, at the age of 27, he let all of this go. He was plagued with a drinking problem. Which lead to him being tossed from one team to another trying to find stable ground. 

Freddy Adu

At the age 14 Freddy Adu seemed like he had his whole future ahead of him. He was making headlines in the world of soccer and was also had picked by Pele to be one of his successors. Maybe this all happened a bit too soon because Adu did not manage to live up to what was expected of him. Such that to this day, those who know him wonder where it all went wrong , others are saying he is a player at best payout online casinos but none knows , how true is that.