Traditional church weddings with a big white frock and a reception at a local hotel are fairly common. There is nothing wrong with a traditional wedding if your only aim is to say your vows in front of family, friends and God before partying all night long to some top tunes. Lots of people have this type of wedding and are very happy with their day. But what if you want to do things differently? If you do want a wedding with a difference and instead of just searching for the perfect dress you fancy getting married in a Cinderella outfit, here are a few ideas to help inspire you. We picked these up from our wedding photographer in Devon who has years of experience and we knew we had to share!

Once upon a time, couples were limited as to where they could get married. An ‘out of the ordinary’ wedding normally constituted a dash to Gretna Green or a drunken night out in Vegas. Things are different now and as long as you can secure the services of an approved celebrant and two witnesses, you can get married pretty much anywhere you like. You don’t even need a big budget – look for discount wedding dresses and do your own catering to save money.

Planning a wedding with a difference is a great opportunity to begin married life with some fantastic memories. Anyone can book an appointment at their local registry office, but how many couples get to say their vows on the edge of a cliff as the sun sets over the horizon?

Fun Ideas for Weddings with a Difference

  • Sky diving wedding – For happy couples with no fear of heights, what better way to start married life than saying your vows at 10,000 feet?
  • Scuba diving wedding – You won’t need many guests if you get married underwater as lots of marine life will be in attendance.
  • Haunted house – Anyone with a passion for the supernatural will love this one. You can tie the knot by day and then spend your first night as a married couple trembling under the bed covers, listening for spooky goings on.
  • Theme park wedding – Do you enjoy bare knuckle rides? If so, book a theme park wedding and arrange to say your vows on a rollercoaster!
  • Botanical gardens – If you would love to get married somewhere hot and tropical, but you don’t have the budget, check out the tropical house at your local botanical gardens. It will be hot, steamy, and very atmospheric.
  • Museum – Imagine having your wedding photos taken against a backdrop of impressionist paintings or Old Masters – they would certainly be memorable! Or, if you chose a museum instead, you could have a giant T-Rex in the background, which would be interesting.
  • A sporty wedding – Couples who play sports in their spare time could easily incorporate their passion into the wedding. Instead of walking down the aisle, the bride could try cycling up a mountain or tackling an assault course to reach her groom instead.

Whatever your idea of a dream wedding, just be sure to plan it down to the last tiny detail so that on the day, you and your fiancé can relax and enjoy the best day of your life.