Kelvin HayesVoyage of Nomad is the FIRST EVER book to feature an offensive language warning. It’s also “the most accessable work I’ve produced to date,” he explains “because it relates to a specific point in time it will date."

The book wasn’t officially released until August 6, and images can be viewed on the visual page of the official site, and a pre-release excerpt on the literary page

The road has not been an easy one for Kelvin Hayes. Born in Wales, he arrived in New Zealand aged three his parents divorce brought his time there to an end. Enthusiastic about discovering his native Wales, he was in for a rude awakening. An unhappy schooling nosedived him into a teenage depression.

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If that wasn’t enough things became even worse. Having survived a violent attack in his own home, he left Wales in 1999 for the only place he knew – the backpackers hostels of London and later Bath. With no certain future, a new book formed that would transform him from poet into writer.

Voyage of Nomad is a testament to survival in adverse situations such as finding work amid continuation as an artist and of living out of a bag with many hundreds of room-mates across Europe’s backpacking circuit for nearly two years. This in turn reunited him with the people of New Zealand (to which he has since returned). During these two years Hayes did everything from clean warships in Portsmouth to sweeping hospital grounds and cafe work in Bath.

Written in France, Belgium, Italy and the UK; VON is the fastest book Kelvin Hayes has produced taking just over a year. His first book took three! Art Direction and Design are as usual by Hayes himself. VON has a very different look from the ‘clean’ look of most equivocal releases. The type and image had to convey both humour and seriousness of the book.

Price is $NZ25 via cheque (drawn on a New Zealand bank) payable to Kelvin Hayes: Poste restante, Manners Mall Post office, Wellington, New Zealand.

For further details about this work, please contact: equivocal_news@yahoo. co. uk