If you intend to go to China, it is very important that you are aware of some of the local customs and habits that will allow you to have a great time. Each of the major Chinese cities, and each of its smaller ones as well, seem to have their own personality, meaning that you can end up in some difficult and stressful situations, which frequent travelers refer to as ‘China days’. While it is unavoidable to have at least one China day on your travel, you can make sure that they are not major and that you can actually enjoy yourself. When you visit the country through trips like those organized by Globus Tours, you will be setting foot in thousands of years of culture and history and being able to enjoy this as much as possible is vital.

Toilet Tips for China

Interestingly, the main thing you need to know about China is how to use the toilet, because if you are expecting Western standards, you will be in for a big disappointment. As such:

  • Expect a very dirty toilet.
  • Always carry tissues and wipes.
  • Be prepared to find a squat toilet.
  • Use any clean toilet you come across, it may be the last one in a long time.
  • Paid toilets are the cleanest, always try to avoid the free ones. Avoid the toilets in public areas like train and bus stations as well.
  • Once you are out of the big cities, you will find that the sewage systems are severely lacking. Hence, toilets often clog up. You will be expected to put your toilet paper in a small basket outside.
  • The best and cleanest toilets are in hotel lobbies. However, many of these facilities do not have toilet paper. The high class hotels usually do, but it is also likely that they won’t let you use the facilities unless you have booked in the hotel as well.

It is likely that you will already found a range of China travel tips online and in tourist guides and the Lonely Planet or other such guides. Interestingly, very few of these actually address the sanitary conditions in China. Yet, if you were to ever speak to someone who has been to this amazing and ancient country, you can guarantee that they will mention the awful state of toilets wherever they go.

Of course, if you have booked yourself on a tour, for instance through Globus Tours, you will more than likely be presented with clean toilets. The tourism industry in China is booming and business owners, particularly hotels and restaurants, are doing everything they can to bring things up to a certain standard that will ensure tourists continue to come. However, if you do visit small villages, or if you take time out to explore the area by yourself, it is always better to be prepared.

China is one of the world’s most amazing and most advanced countries. However, when it comes to their toilet facilities, it seems time has stood still for a while.