If you are thinking about buying a new or used car, one of the most economical ways to do so today is to buy online. One of my favourite ways to search for a new or used car is by doing a car comparison online, which makes my choice much easier. The best online websites help you narrow choices down with a plethora of tools and research. You can look at top safety features, do a multi-car comparison, watch videos and read expert tips, and even learn how to maintain your car for years to come. Here are my top tips for buying a car online and what website you should be using to get the best deal.


How To Do A Multi-Car Comparison

One of the best things on the internet are multi-car comparison tools. However, only one website offers you a side-by-side comparison and research to back it all up. Cars.com is a great place to compare cars and find out which popular cars really are worth investing. Cars.com helps you compare cars based on mileage, transmission, crash test ratings, and safety features. Many people opt to buy with safety features in mind. How can you find out which cars really are the safest?


How To Find A Car With Top Safety Features

The experts at Cars.com recently conducted comprehensive car seat checks: https://www.cars.com/articles/2013/09/how-carscom-conducts-car-seat-checks/. They spent over 40 hours working with the Department of Transportation and police around Chicago to get you the best safety information out there on car seats. The link above will take you to a video and article where you can read even more about how to choose a car with car safety in mind.


Pro Tips For Buying Power

The pros put buying power right in their hands and you can too with Cars.com. Not only can you do a multi-car comparison online, you can take that information with on to the dealership – right on your smartphone. Simply download the app and take Cars.com on the go. When you get to the dealership, simply scan the VIN number of the cars you want to compare on the lot. You will immediately receive pricing information right on your phone. You can even compare cars on lots nearby with this information, and get notifications on your smartphone when the price of the car you are looking at drops.


Maintaining Your Car After You Buy

Cars.com also makes it easy for you to maintain your car after you drive it home. You can even search local service stations that offer a fair price guarantee right on their website. With their maintenance 101 articles you can also read up on what might be going on with your car if you think there is a problem. Cars.com really keeps you on the road with their research long after you’ve bought your car. Remember, when looking for a new or used car you should use all of the resources above to really get the car you want at the right price.