Having traveled throughout India extensively last year I consider myself to be something of an expert when it comes to where to go, what to see and what to do across this beautiful country. My favourite part of traveling through India was not the big cities like Delhi and Mumbai but more the smaller, quirky towns which I found as I was roaming through the country.



One such place that I stumbled upon last August was a town called Ooty or Udagamandalam as it is locally known a real gem of a town which is covered with natural beauty, pine and eucalyptus trees everywhere and like much of India, plenty of tea and coffee plantations. I had intended to spend 2 nights here as a stopping off point but ended up spending a week here discovering some of the Ooty tourist places. If you are you plan on visiting western India and want somewhere exciting to explore then here is what you can do in Ooty.

Visit the Lake

In the heart of the town is the Ooty lake, a 65  acre body of water which is always alive with activity and it makes for the perfect place to spend your afternoon. Whilst you can simply spend you day relaxing in the sunshine by the tranquil lake, why not head to the boathouse at the end of the lake and rent a small boat which you can take out over the water.

Mountain Train

If you want to do a bit of Ooty sightseeing then the best way to do so is to take a ride on the mountain train, or the toy train as many call it. The train will take you on a 5 hour, 46 kilometre journey through the Nilgiri mountains and give you some outstanding photo opportunities along the way. This is the steepest railway in Asia and you will weave through dense forests, see a wide range of wildlife and take perilous bends over the ridge of the mountains. If you only have a short amount ofttimes in Ooty then this train journey is a must.

The Thread Garden

Often when traveling I am blown away by an event or attraction which I expected to dislike and one such place was the thread garden in Ooty. Situated in the centre of the town, the thread garden is a collection of exotic and wild plants which have all been created by hand, with nothing but thread. At first glance this appears like a majestic garden but on closer inspection you will see that nothing is real and that it has all been created by highly skilled artists. The most impressive fact about the garden is that not a single sewing machine was used in the production and the 50 or so workers under artist Anthony Joseph’s command have carefully put these plants together by hand. The garden is a popular tourist spot and if you want to get the best views of the garden then arrive early.

Ooty may not be a place that you have heard of but one that you definitely need to visit, just check for the Best hotels in ooty and you’ll find which have accommodation for all price ranges so make sure that you check Ooty out during your Indian travels.