The chemical creatine is a natural part of the human body. It lies within the cells of our muscles and it helps to produce or boost our energy levels. It is also stored in our brains, liver, and kidneys. Creatine is automatically produced through additional chemicals liked amino acids and arginine, as well as in what we eat like fish and meat.

Creatine supplements have been used since the early 1970s with the purpose of augmenting the body’s physical performance levels. It wasn’t long before competing athletes discovered its energy boosting capabilities.

Athletes in sports and bodybuilding arenas touted creatine’s ability to help muscles recoup after a strenuous workout. Athletes and bodybuilders further said that creatine gave them bursts of energy during short rounds of intense activities.

Today, creatine is being researched to see if it can help the energy levels of patients suffering from illness that zap their strength like Parkinson, ALS, and other neurological diseases. Creatine may be able to give the aged better muscle mass and long-standing energy levels.

The primary purpose of creatine supplements is to increase the body’s ATP (Adenosine triphosphate compound) energy for high-intensity performance effects. However, there are other top reasons to use creatine for amazing muscle and cellular health results.

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Creatine is a behind the scenes biological compound that has a great deal to do with creating new muscle fibers and boosting the protein levels that muscles need throughout the body. Creatine also increases the water content of our muscles which adds volume to the muscles with results of increasing their size.

Myostatin is a protein that inhibits the growth of muscles to keep them from growing too large. For professional athletes, this is a muscle result prohibitive. Therefore, by taking creatine it reduces the effects of myostatin so that the body can build muscle mass faster.

Creatine is very beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels which goes a long way in combating diabetes symptoms. The body’s blood sugar and muscles work hand-in-hand, especially after meals. Your body needs to dispel excess sugar from the blood quickly so that your levels don’t exceed what is normal for your body. Creatine helps in this process, especially when you combine the supplements and exercising to help control your blood sugar levels.

Reinforcing with creatine can improve the brain’s cellular energy which improves our thought processes, memory functions and dopamine levels. Creatine helps the brain produce more ATP levels, especially at a time when you feel like you just can’t think clearly anymore (short-term memory).

Remember, to get the best muscle results from taking creatine, follow the regiment carefully and safely in the loading phase or just taking specific grams each day. Creatine works best when you follow the rules for achieving the best results to benefit your muscle building lifestyle and increased health.