When it comes to travelling and getting around in a foreign city that you’ve never stepped foot in it can seem daunting to say the least, but also exhilarating. Travelling is one of those things that get you pumped up, excited and feeling like you never have before – exploring far flung cities, eating new foods, learning new languages. It can be exhausting but exciting. Many travellers these days are opting to use various phone apps to help them navigate the strange and wonderful roads they find themselves on – from Paris or Milan all the way to Cusco, Bangkok and beyond. If you’re setting off on a trip this year, here are five of the top travel apps you will want to get on your phone before you go.


Trip It

Tired of having to scroll through hundreds of emails to find your flight confirmation that you booked six months ago? Worry no longer! With Trip It, you simply forward all your email confirmations for flights and hotels to the company and they create a master travel itinerary that is all held in one place on this useful no-nonsense app. It allows you to see everything you’ve booked in one place, saving you time, hassle and frustration in looking through your inbox for one email that you can’t ever seem to find.



Want to really get under the skin of a city you’re visiting but you don’t want to do the common backpacker thing and just hit the bar? Withlocals is an amazing customisable app that allows you to meet up with vetted locals who are happy to meet travellers and show them around their city. This means you get the real local experience and can see the things behind the scenes most travellers miss. With more coverage than ever – and increasing constantly – With Locals now can offer the real local experience throughout Europe and into Asia. Keep in mind the tours on the platform are private tours: this allows you to ask for the personalisation of the itinerary and inclusions, etc. if you want to. Jetting off to Kuala Lumpur? What about Madrid? Connect with a local in any city to really have the experience of a lifetime!



Another great app that many travellers love is Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is great for those who are looking for cheap (read: free) places to stay in sometimes unique locations. While there are a lot of rules and etiquette that you should follow when asking to stay with someone for free, it’s a useful app that has helped many people around the world manage to travel without needing to save for years, plus allowed them to make new friends along the way! Be sure to read people’s profiles in full to ensure compatibility and a great stay for everyone involved and to rule out any potential issues that could arise such as seriously conflicting opinions or beliefs that could lead to arguments.



For those who don’t know about the magic that is Skyscanner, this useful website/app is home of flight comparisons. It searches specific flights and compares them for you in an easy to view list, allowing you to pick the cheapest/best flight for your needs. Flexible? You can also view fares over the whole month to see when you might like to go. The app and website both allow you the ability to purchase flights by sending you to third party, low cost, budget provider websites which works well and has saved many travellers a bundle of money when compared to booking directly with the airline.


Trail Wallet

While it’s only available for the iOS operating system at the moment, Trail Wallet is a seriously useful app that takes all the legwork out of calculating expenses. With a user-friendly interface, you can set monthly, weekly or daily budgets and update expenses as you go. With each new receipt you get, just punch in the numbers on your app and it calculates your spending rates and what you’re spending on so you can see where you might have fat to trim. This is a massively useful tool for those who might think that the wad of cash in their wallet is grounds for going hog wild that day, forgetting the fact that the cash in their possession is meant to last all week and cover everything.

So if you’ve been looking for the ultimate travel apps to make this year’s travels much more streamlined and easy, consider adding these five to your phone. It’s always great to make travelling easier so you can get right down to enjoying every minute of your fancy free adventure with none of the fluff!