Madagascar is one of the largest islands on the planet with unique flora and fauna off the South East coast of Africa. It is a tropical paradise with exotic wildlife and stunning beaches. If you are yearning for an island experience and still do something worthwhile, Madagascar offers numerous opportunities for wildlife conservation. 80% of the animals in Madagascar are exclusively found only in Madagascar. Lemur is the most popular of these animals but unfortunately face the danger of extinction due to the rapid rate of deforestation. If you choose to work in wildlife conservation in Madagascar, you may be able to help in the plight of Lemurs, birds and help in forest preservation. You can also work in marine conservation and get to stay along the glorious beaches. Working in marine conservation avails you to take part in exciting activities such as swimming and diving as you work.


Tanzania is an incredible safari that with several parks and wildlife reserves, it is also home to Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Teaching English in Tanzania on projects like this gives you an opportunity to explore this beautiful country, experience the local Swahili culture and give back to the community. You can find placements in local villages in Arusha, Moshi, Morogoro and Dar Salam. You can teach in primary or secondary schools but you will never be alone in a classroom, as you will have local teachers to assist you. Be prepared to work in challenging conditions, the classes are not like what you are used to at home. However, you work during the weekdays and get the weekends off to travel and relax.


Botswana is a top African safari destination that boasts of numerous parks and incredible game viewing. It offers luxurious lodges and camps. Game viewing in Botswana is unlike anywhere else in Africa, there are private game parks for an intimate safari experience. It is a landlocked country but for lacking a coastline, Mother Nature has rewarded it with the largest inland delta in the world, the Okavango Delta. The Okavango Delta forms numerous waterways creating a lush environment that attracts animals to feed and drink water from the canals. The Okavango National Park is a major highlight of Botswana and offers an unforgettable game viewing experience. Other parks include Chobe, Makgadikgadik and Moremi. Click here for more information on Botswana safaris.


South Africa rivals other African destinations in terms of developments in the tourism industry, diversities and a wide array of holiday options. Though its economy is higher than in most African countries, there are places like Lavender Hill Township in Cape Town that locals live in unfathomably desolate conditions with their houses and schools in a serious state of disrepair. Get your hands dirty and take part in building activities such as digging foundations, mixing cement, roofing, painting and plastering. During your free time, you can visit places like Cape Town, relax along the beaches or go on a safari to the Kruger National Park.