'The Way of the Rat - A Survival Guide to Office Politics' by Joep P. M. Schrijvers

Well for Schrijvers, nothing can be as challenging as dealing with the office rat. It’s not exactly a rodent, but something close.

Amidst all the comings and goings that take place in the office place, hardly any employee gets the final say. But with this new manual that teaches you simply, The Way of the Rat: A Survival Guide to Office Politics, you’ll soon find it a breeze when it comes to dealing with office politics and what not.

No more sniffing around or hunting for cheese, the answers are all here in this witty rendition of life’s biggest cat/dog/rat fight. It’s time for your ruthlessness to unveil itself and make sure you don’t ever get bullied by your boss’s boss or your colleagues’ best buddy who happens to be the assistant director of the company that owns the company you’re working in.