IMF REFORM1 – Stop globalization…

…of the Moon. Americans were the first people on the moon and to lay claim to the lunar surface. Other countries must respect this ownership and return the moon to it’s indigenous population.

2 – Compensation for victims

Establish a relief fund for the millions of victims of Eurodisco, past and present. Decades of suffering under this regime of synth based dance pop has led to the mental and spiritual degradation of the indigenous peoples of Europe. They demand and deserve immediate relief and compensation.

3 – Create the world’s biggest network

Require Bill Gates to invest ten percent of his net wealth into installing toilets in homes of the poor around the world, so that whenever people flush, they will think of Microsoft.

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4 – Over 800 million people in the world are severely malnourished or starving

Require longer shopping hours at rural grocery stores or the expansion of convenience store franchises. Extra shopping hours will also help reduce unemployment in sub-Saharan African countries.

5 – World military spending is $778 billion dollars a year

Create a commission to study the feasibility of requiring trigger locks on guns and development of non-lethal ways to settle conflicts. This staggering sum of money could be better spent building rec centers and soothing tea-rooms where differences can be solved constructively. 6 – Debt relief

Consumers around the world are severely overburdened by massive debt loads, & over-extended credit cards. Forgive these debts, so we can all go shopping again!