Are you waiting for messiah? He will certainly come, but will he according to your schedule? Are you just looking for a ‘cool’ religion that will allow you to keep drinking beer, smoking dope and snorting speed?

If so, then the Aliens would be a good place to look. You are confused, as we all are.

But while we are confused, we ask specific questions, to which there are specific answers.

Do you have specific questions? They will be answered. Are you on my side? No matter, I’ll die soon, so you can’t really hurt me. Here’s some information for you:

The aliens are not like us, evolving on some other planet naturally within the confines of some other eco-system. Nope. Did you know that we can’t even prove that there are other planets in the universe? Galaxies, yes. Stars, yes. Even wobbling stars (stars that wobble around, lending credence to the theory that there are planets circling them) are few and far between.

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And there are more than one race of aliens, if you accept the existence of spiritual aliens, or angels and demons. But the point is that none of them is from our universe. Wait, universe isn’t the right word. They aren’t from our cosmic level. Think, man. Logic, the scientific method, observation, theorization, all that good crap.

You guys like to talk about the odds of, out of all those galaxies and planets, that there must be other races. But you’re overlooking your own ignorance of odds and percentages when you trumpet this in the same breath with supporting the idea of a naturally evolving race with two arms and two legs, and two eyes, etc.

Like us.

Man, anyone who believes in these aliens (our aliens, the bubba-headed ones) as naturally-evolving is either foolish, ignorant or a liar. Get off it, find the creator. Only he can save you.

P.S.: The aliens are NOT the creators. They were created (and badly, at that, they’re sterile, and can’t even get it up) just as we were. Only by someone else.