Gaming online is something that has changed so much with the constant evolution of the internet and games are more accessible to everyone now. Even people who once thought that they would never play games are doing it more than ever. Today we will talk a bit about the current and future landscape of gaming, so sit back and enjoy.

Website games

Flash games will probably always hold a special place that once played them, but these are without a doubt much less popular than before. They are of course still very fun to play, but we are demanding more and more from our games and these simply cannot keep up with the demand that we have.

Smartphone games

Smartphone games have changed people’s habits in online gaming forever. With the advent of games like Candy Crush Saga and Pokemon Go, people are more involved in online gaming than ever. For the first time you don’t need a specialist gaming console to play a particular game with people and the traditional issue of cross platform interaction is no longer an issue for people.


Playstation for many years has been a game changer (no pun intended) in the online gaming scene and its huge Playstation network has changed online gaming forever. Now it is possible to seamlessly play your Playstation games online and seriously interact with people with audio and messaging.


Xbox, much like Playstation, has been constantly improving the online gaming experience for all and provides a similar platform for immersive gaming with more and more online features coming out all the time. Xbox and Playstation game developers are constantly being pushed to provide interesting experiences online and differentiate from the normal offline play of a game.

The future

Currently there is a lot of talk about virtual reality (VR) as the future of gaming as we know it. VR is going to allow people that one step further in terms of interaction with the games they are playing, imagine going on Guts casino, poker and sportsbook and actually experiencing and feeling the experience. This is more fun and immersive than any game available. The pure beauty of games of this age can now be experienced as if you were going somewhere like the top of a mountain or seeing an ancient city like Machu Picchu. This really is an exciting future that is developing with gaming and it can only get better and better.