'The First King of Shannara' by Terry Brooks

It’s sick. And if you love to escape from your sorry life as much as I do, then you’re really gonna dig this book. Think Thundar The Barbarian meets … I don’t know… whatever, somebody really, really, bad. It’s all about magic and weird sh*t.

Elves, trolls, gnomes, dwarves, humans, all sorts of sh*t. It’s f*ckin’ cool.

Trust me.

The First King of Shannara is the prelude to The Sword of Shannara, which was written by Terry Brooks and published to some pretty heavy duty acclaim way back in 1977. Yeah sure, it ain’t JRR Tolkien, but I mean whatever, who cares? Ya’ know? It’s legit as sh*t.

I call it prison fiction because I would imagine that someone who lives life behind bars would dive at the opportunity to get the f*ck out of Dodge for a while by turning themselves into a wisp of smoke and sliding on out, even if only with the continuous, tedious suspension of disbelievement. The more I think about it though, the more it gets to me. I think I’m probably living in a prison myself one way or another.

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Maybe we all are.

The bars of my cell are comprised of a highly dense composite alloy of fears, weaknesses, doubts and all the other bullsh*t I’ve managed to pick up along the way that isn’t doing me much good at all but that yet I continue to hold fast to. Crazy sh*t, ain’t it?

Yeah, sure is a nugget spinner. Anyhow. So escape from the voices in your head and read The First King of Shannara, and all the other ones, because… well, because fantasy is fiction too.