Dating in the traditional sense has changed so much over the course of the past twenty or so years, particularly with the many advances in technology that we are seeing. Dating is now at the point where its methods are almost completely unrecognisable from what they were. Here we will talk more about how the dating game has evolved and where it is now.

People using adult dating sites and smartphone dating applications has totally changed the way of dating and the culture itself. These apps, in particular, are now at an extremely interesting point that we have never seen before. At first there were dating websites that allowed you to put in preferences and be able to search for people with similar interests and values, and these exist to this day, but of course have improved greatly with technology. One example of an improvement is the use of GPS to locate people in your areas, obviously this is much more convenient than meeting someone 50km away.

The next logical step in the era of smartphones is dating apps. Tinder is one extremely interesting smartphone app that uses an approval system based on a person’s picture, and the person can swipe right (yes) or left (no) and the two people match when they both approve of each other. This is interesting because its main purpose is for casual relationships rather than long term dating and focuses on physical appearance more than anything, although it is still possible to find a compatible partner through the app, but it is much rarer.

Think about what it would have been like to date someone twenty years ago and you probably couldn’t even begin to imagine how things were back then. For starters there was no internet or mobile phones and definitely no smart phone apps. This would have been interesting because you would have to organise a date in advance, by telephone, in person or perhaps even by letter. Once you had agreed to meet there was almost no chance of changing the specifics of the date on the day like you can do now through messaging apps, social media or through traditional phone calls on a mobile phone. This probably meant a lot of interesting circumstances for dates, or perhaps people were just much more punctual?

In this age it is also a common thing for people to cancel or reschedule. Imagine not being able to let someone know that they were running late or that something had happened, for example an emergency and the date had to be cancelled.

There is also a cultural shift in the way that people think about dating, relationships are now socially acceptable to be very short and casual. In many ways this would have seemed wrong in times gone by, but now people barely blink when they hear about these things. This is a really stark contrast to the negative way that people would feel about this and the derogatory terms used to describe people that participated in this type of behaviour. People now tend to be less religious and are now less afraid to be seen to be dating different people on a regular basis and this has probably caused this large shift.

What might be next for dating? We have come so far in such a short period of time, we can only guess and then wait and see.