In the current age, we often find ourselves glued to the latest modern technology, be it a tablet, a smart phone or a games console. Modern technology is all well and good and has plenty of benefits, but the traditional things in life remain important.

Take books for instance. I for one still enjoy reading a proper paperback, or hardback book. One where you actually turn the pages and feel the paper in your hand rather than looking at the words on a screen. Don’t get me wrong, Kindles are perfectly good and mean that when you go on holiday you don’t have to lug a ton of books around with you, but they’re just not the same. The magic isn’t there.

Leaving the paper books VS electronic books debate for now, why are books in general so good? Here are a few reasons why.

They can provide parent-child bonding time. One of my best memories as a child was of my father reading The Hobbit to myself and my brother. When I have children myself, I hope to do the same for them. Not only is it healthy for a child to take in some literature before bed, it also helps settle them down. Even the most hyperactive child will soon be all ears when they hear an exciting story.

It gives you the chance to use your imagination. As many books don’t have pictures, you can picture the places and people depicted in your head. When books are committed to film, such as Harry Potter for example, it’s interesting to see how close the characters are to how you pictured them. The best writers, I find, are ones that are able to really put you at the scene where the events are taking place. In one of my favourite books, the author travels to an away game with hardcore fans of Italian football club Hellas Verona. Reading it, you feel as though you are there, on that supporters bus and then in the stadium with the fans. You live the experience with the author.

They can provoke a wide range of emotions. You can be laughing so hard you fall off your chair, or you can be wiping away tears, sometimes in the same book. A great writer is able to take you on an emotional journey that has you up all night waiting to hear how it ends.

In short, books are, and always will be fantastic. With cuponation, you can find best selling books for great discount prices. Why not pick one up, and dive in to another world.