'The Book of the SubGenius' by Bob JR Dobbs

Well, if not, forget about those ‘establishment bibles’ which are just simply chock full of the rantings of strange bearded men wandering the desert and obviously hallucinating. No, what you need is an industrial strength bible that will show how much better you are than everybody else.

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That’s right, you need to get yourself the Book of the Subgenius, the mad rantings of the saviour of mankind (well, at least us superior mutants who have descended from post-Atlantian Yeti).

If you feel that things are more f*cked up than they’re even letting on about, if this current Age of Enlightenment seems more like the dark ages and you seek the REAL TRUTH (which is so unbelievable that it makes sense), then this is the book for you.

Based on the belief that every religion contains a grain of the truth, it makes sense to change your religion every fifteen minutes rather than get tied down in one dogmatic cult. Hell, just take a look at the Middle East to see what a dead end that is.

Bob Dobbs offers this as an added bonus; if you buy the book, your name will automatically be added to the list of Subgenii whom the Men in Black from Planet X will whisk away when JHVH1 comes swooping down with his nazi Hell Creatures from the Middle Earth on the day of their Harvest of Souls.

If you’re even the least bit curious yet a typical cheap ass Think reader, go to www.subgenius.com and see for yourself!