Who says that you only get to rid your online casino Australia tips? If you are feeling a bit lazy, you can make use of podcasts to get all the gambling information you need. 

 This is one of the good things that come with technology. Life is made so much better and convenient and easy to give you an even better user experience.

Poker fans will definitely love this article. Here are some poker podcasts you can listen to. Maybe they can help give you a better chance of winning that real money.

 What is a Poker Podcast?

 A podcast is an audio information released on various websites and blogs. The topic can depend on what the podcaster wants to focus on. 

 Popular podcast sites include iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts. You can pay the required amount of money for the audio. In turn, you can download the audio on your device. The good thing is that you can download it for later use or reference.

The Best Poker Podcast Websites for Beginners

Well, if you are new to the poker scene then you will definitely need that extra boost. The good thing about using podcast audios is that you can listen to them while you also try to be practical. Meaning, you do not have to keep going back for references.

 Here are two Poker Podcasts you can try out this year:

 The Red Chip Poker Podcast

The Red Chip poker podcast is the ultimate stop for most poker beginners. Once you land here, you do not have to worry about going elsewhere for your poker lessons.  Hence, the reason why it has over 2 million downloads.

The show comes with a number of best us sports betting games training tips that beginners can easily make use of. Also, it brings in famous people in the poker industry to also chip in. Therefore, you will be getting advice on the double!

Thinking Poker Podcast

This is a weekly podcast that comes with different interesting topics surrounding the poker industry. From the lifestyle, poker strategies and poker news as well. If you like reading, you also get to reviews on the new poker books that you can also try out.