time tripStunning confirmation that we are all trapped in some sort of inter-dimensional vortex comes with Think reader Dan Levine’s discovery that “THINK.” spells out something sinister in the Wingding font.

For the uninitiated, it means “Anthrax is the way to send death to people through the mail”. What have we wrought? Have we been unwitting pawns in an unholy Conspiracy(tm) involving Osama bin Laden and prescient crazies still on the loose inside Microsoft?

Or is it something more sublime?


“It started on 11/11. It was an innocuous enough day, as was my first glance of the little clock sitting at the top of my screen. 12:34 pm. Time to start busting out issue number 50. An enthusiastic 12 hours of layout, planning and lots of clicks finally led to my next glimpse of the clock: 12:34 am.

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Obviously, it was just one of those entertaining coincidences that happen from time to time. But there was more work to do and next time I looked up in the corner of the screen, I saw it was 2:22 am.

It was then that I remembered that yesterday was 11/11. It was clear I was being tested. But Issue Number 50 was pressing. Another glance at the clock: 3:21 am. Just what I needed, a damn countdown.

Still more work to do – on it went: 4:44 am, the symmetries of 9:19 am and 12:12 pm, tantalizing 1:23 pm, symmetry once more at 3:03 pm and then again at 6:16pm. Surely these are the tortures of the damned?

IT’S STILL HAPPENING!!! Just a moment ago I looked up to behold 12:21 pm. Now as I write it is 12:34 pm and I’m behind schedule and time is draining away. And now I look at the file sizes of the 50 covers displayed in this issue: 6.66mb each!

What have we wrought indeed?

Oh my god it’s 1:23!”

By Jeffree, as revealed to Karl Rotstan