begger in Hollywood by Bil Brown

At the end of the night just off Sunset Blvd., near to Hollywood & Vine, I headed back home to sleep…


In the heart of questionably the most revered neighborhood of the world – there was this man. He didn’t move when we walked past him. He didn’t budge.

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At first, I thought he might be praying, then after I took this snapshot, I saw the styrofoam cup. In this day and age when we have all of the technology to do amazing things and connect people together in the most ardent and intricate ways, when we are in (again arguably) the most advanced Democracy on the planet… we still have homeless people, people without friends to help them, without family to acknowledge them.

Maybe he has done this to himself. Maybe he is unable to care for illness, or maybe he did something horrible to someone else. OR maybe, just maybe, we are responsible for him and the hundreds of thousands of other folks that are like him. Maybe our greed, our indifference, our superficial attitudes and atrocities of selfish behavior has condemned him to suck it up, cover his head, and silently ask for anything you have to give.

Because, you, like I, haven’t given enough. When someone asks why I believe the way I do – I can reference this photo, along with others. Because for me to live someone else should NOT have to live like this.

Bil Brown is a photography artist and publisher of Black & Grey Magazine.