for your safety, this conversationis being monitored.And they say the Democrats like to spend money. Tell me the Clinton years don’t seem like a fairy tale now! Well you gotta be corrupt to get anywhere in the Enron age, but the key is to hold it all together for as long as possible.

Perhaps Bill might be the luckiest guy in history, or maybe Al Gore is; but there’s no doubt that the world was a kinder gentler one wih Buddy cruising the White lawn. What confetti company makes these document shredders and where do you buy one?

Some lunatic suggested that we register the purchasers of said machines. How long would it have taken to figure out what happened if the “shoe bomber” would have succeeded in his misguided murder of more overwrought air travelers?

Some people over the holidays looked like they might have wanted to be put out of their misery while being searched “randomly” for the third time in an hour. Did anyone notice that there is an election in a few months here in the Cesko, and no one wants to waste their money advertising?

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An idea for campaign reform, let the media handle informing the public about the issues, the old fashioned way. If the election was held today the ODS and CSSD would have the choice to continue the nonsense they call an opposition agreement once again. It’s very difficult to explain the Czech government to a foreigner, Czechs fail to see the opposition as such. It’s time to bring back dueling.

I think the terrorists everyone expects to blow up Salt Lake City, don’t realize how many supporters they might gain by such a move. Many Arabs say that they are not sophisticated enough to pull off an operation such as 9-11, or that it is obviously the work of undercover Israelis working with the US to take over the world.

Anyone who’s put their shoes through a metal detector that is searching for plastic explosives knows how unsophisticated that system is. Give Bush the money so we can have foreigners followed around the country, and we’ll finally seal that pesky Mexican border. Quick! Has there been any other dictators the CIA has empowered. That’s all of them. Good! I’m glad this is the end of that.

I’m not easily shocked. The communism thing had some noble thinkers behind its unrealizable everyday reality, but I’m not sure I understand the fundamentalist vision of radical Islam. Why should we exactly be waiting for the afterlife for what we can attain here on earth, or in Las Vegas. It seems all really, “just, because.”

And this whole God is Great thing hardly seems like little more than rooting for a football team. I think I prayed 7 times today for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl.

While a bit crimped by the Christian guilt bullsh*t, seeking forgiveness seems not out of sync in this most hypocritical of worlds. Perhaps, dealing with that shrug worthy reality is what gets these dudes so righteous. Taliban sex for pleasure!!!! Everybody who likes to hit it from the front say “hell yeah!”

The Japanese only have sex 40 times a year according to a survey regarding the proclivities among nation. France and US had something like 200 times a year. All these stats seem hard to fathom somehow or another, but 40!! That means one kids getting it like 200 times and 6 of his homies are down for 10 times a year.

How much are panties from a vending machine? No one ever said fiction would be stranger than reality, I hope you spent your little tax refund check wisely, because that was your pension fund, suckers!