If you are reading this you are probably wondering about the how to start a travel blog, and the answer to this question is that there is no right or wrong way to do so. I often get asked how and what you should blog about and the answer is always the same: what you love. In my case that is travel and naturally I blog about it. I thought it may be a good idea to actually talk a little bit more about how to start a travel blog and what is actually involved in starting one up. So read on to enjoy my tips for something you absolutely won’t regret.

Get a website

To be honest starting a new website can be a little bit daunting for those that haven’t done it before, but once you have done it you will know that it is not a big deal at all. The first step is to get the “paper” to write on and this is a website. Ideally you will find get your own domain name and website, but a simple WordPress will be enough (I can’t recommend this platform more). The reality is that not everyone wants to be a professional blogger and you can always . For me personally, it is a great idea to spend a little money and get your own domain name, because it makes it all the more real. When you have something you pay for, you will be more motivated to use it.

A great thing about owning a website is that it is very inexpensive and is usually only a few dollars per month. This is something that most people can certainly afford.

Start social media accounts

Of course one thing about having a blog is that not everyone is going to check yours straight away, but if you have social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can easily connect with anyone looking at their social media accounts. They can easily keep track of you when you have posted something new and it comes up in their feed.

Blog regularly

One of the best ways to actually enjoy and make the most of your travel blog is to actually blog on a regular basis. Of course this means writing about a variety of different things you do whilst travelling. If you think it is too stressful. I think the best idea is to blog directly after your day or a short time after. This way you won’t lose any details of the events and it will be easier to think back on, rather than a few months later. I think this is a huge issue for many people that blog, but if this is not possible you can always write some notes and revisit them at a later date.

Enjoy it

The most important thing to do is to actually enjoy your blog and write as often as you can!