If you don’t know what SEO is then you should know that it is a marketing method used by ad agencies, to bump you up the search rankings. SEO stands for search engine optimization and the idea behind it is that when a client got online and types in, let’s say ‘Exeter dentist‘ your dental surgery in Exeter will appear on the first page of Google, thus driving more people to your website and to your business. This method can work with a huge range of businesses regardless of whether they operate online or not, and if your business is not currently investing in SEO then you really ought to as there are a huge range of benefits of doing so, let’s have a look.


If your competitors have already decided that SEO is for them, you most certainly need to invest as well in order to fight for your market share. If however your competitors have not yet invested in SEO, and you decide that this is a marketing technique which could work for you, then you will have the chance to fly above them on the search engine rankings, and grab more market share.

Cost Effective

The return on investment which you can count on when you spend money on SEO is extremely high and this is why it is often so recommended. For this reason you should always look at SEO as an investment not a cost, because the money will most certainly come back to the business by way of sales and leads.


If you are in any doubt at all of how powerful search engines are, you should know that more people are using it to find businesses than ever before, and this will be the future high street. Think about it like this, a new street has opened up, there are millions of customers there each and every day, do you stay on the old street where nobody passes by, do you move to the new street or at the very least do you start placing ads and banners on the new street, to let everyone know about your company. Not all businesses can be operated online, but you can still use the internet to market yourself.

It Still Works

You may have heard some whispering about the fact that SEO is dead, or that SEO no longer works simply because the search engines are changing algorithms and search processes. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that SEO cannot be successful anymore, on the contrary in fact as more and more businesses are finding great success through its use. Don’t listen to those who say that SEO cannot work for your business, it most certainly can and it will bring more people and more income to your business.

Don’t wait around, get on SEO as soon as possible so that your business can start reaping the rewards.