If you have dipped your toe in the water of the world of advertising then you will no doubt have heard about an ad technique called SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a method by which we can manipulate certain pieces of content to score highly, so that search results for particular keywords feature your business. This is an important marketing technique and it is a tool which many companies have used to great success in terms of boosting their visibility and ultimately their bottom line. If you don’t know what SEO really is and you aren’t sure whether or not your business needs it, read on to find out more.

What is SEO?

So, we have already given a brief description about SEO such as why it is important and what the result is, but how does it work? Well with more people searching for goods and services online now, for both online and offline companies, businesses want to be visible enough that they are easily found online. The stumbling block is that most consumers do not look past page 1 or 2 of the search results, so getting up there is key. For example if you have a dental surgery in Cardiff, you want people to see your business first when they type in the keywords ‘Cardiff dentist‘. What SEO will do therefore, is to manipulate the content on your website, so that you score high for those keywords, and that customers can find you when they are looking.

Do You Need SEO?

If you have a business that is looking to market then you 100% need SEO. With more people searching online than ever before, this is a great opportunity for your business to find new clients and new leads, without having to actively go out an do it. This is a very cost effective marketing strategy too, and many consider it an investment rather than simply a cost. If you have competitors that are not using SEO then you can get the jump on them through using it, which can also help you to take hold of a large piece of market share, of course if your competitors are already using SEO then you should be too in order to keep up.

SEO is all about organically gaining clients, and it works far better than traditional advertising methods because the customer is already looking for a business like yours. For example let’s say you place a billboard for your dental surgery, it has 30,000 impressions daily, but you don’t know who is seeing it, you don’t know how many people care, and you have no idea if these people took details down. With SEO however, if you have even 1000 people who search for Cardiff dentist, then you will have a far better shot at new customers from those 1,000, than the 30,000 who cruised past the billboard without a second glance.

SEO works and SEO can bring you more money, it is that simple.