It may be notorious for being one of the priciest countries to visit in the world, but in the case of Norway, the cost is worth it, as the scenery, culture, and people are all world class. In this blog, we’ll talk about a few places you shouldn’t miss while exploring the land of the Vikings.

1) Oslo

Unless you drive into Norway from Sweden, chances are good you’ll start your Norwegian adventure in Oslo. Being the capital of Norway, it is home to many of this country’s top cultural institutions; as such, there are plenty of museums and art galleries to keep cultural travellers busy.

Be sure to make time for two attractions in particular – the Norwegian Royal Palace and the Viking Ship Museum, as one shows off old-world opulence which often gets forgotten about in a city filled with modern architecture, and the other shows an original Viking vessel that is almost 1,000 years old.

Oslo is also one of the most multicultural cities in Europe – take advantage of this fact at dinner time, as you will find plenty of Indian, Thai, Chinese, and cuisines from other corners of the world.

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2) Bergen

After your time in the capital, head out to the coast to check out Bergen. A vital port for many hundreds of years, it has long been an important centre of trade. Down on its waterfront, visit the wooden trading houses known as the Bryggen. While the originals burned down, they were quickly rebuilt – these days, they play host to boutiques, restaurants, and bars, so have fun exploring them.

Bergen is also located close by to a number of scenic fjords – while in the area, be sure to go on a sightseeing cruise down these narrow channels, as they are hemmed in by steep mountains on each side and have charming fishing villages along their shores.

3) Trondheim

Delve into the heart of medieval-era Norway by spending time in Trondheim. Dating back more than 1,000 years, you’ll find plenty of ancient buildings around town which have been around since the Middle Ages.

Nidarosdomen is a sight you shouldn’t miss, as it is a giant Gothic Cathedral which is the largest in Northern Europe. Be sure to check out the wooden mansions in the city centre as well, as they have a beauty to them that will charm even the most cynical traveller.