SarabandeSarabande tells the tale of Janna, a young doctor working in London in 1992 who becomes increasingly involved with investment banker Dan, but struggles to maintain her strict pacifist views whilst war unfolds in her native Sarajevo, where her family and childhood friends are in serious danger.  

This brutal war does not allow for forgetting, and she finds herself, despite everything she is working for, unable to escape her past and the consequences of her country’s history.

The movie script style of the writing is a unique style that makes the scenes easily visualized and plants the reader firmly in the forefront of the action, with storytelling bringing out important issues about the consequences of war, in a time that is filled with wars that have ripped apart the Middle East. By cleverly blending personal and universal concerns, Marcus creates the ultimate love story that one reviewer concludes “is one of those books that gets under your skin, finds its way into your subconscious, and stays there.”

Marcus Fedder, author of Sarabande, spent over twenty years in the banking industry before turning his attention to the literary world. However, he keeps abreast of financial affairs and is still a partner in a hedge fund and involved in microfinance. Born in Hannover, Germany, he grew up and went to school in both Germany and the UK.  He holds a PhD in Politics from the Freie Universitaet Berlin and post-graduate degrees in International Relations from LSE and Cambridge.

Whilst working for the EBRD, Marcus felt inspired to write a book about the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  He was shocked by the fact that in the middle of Europe, an hour’s flight from Vienna, a situation which everyone thought would never again occur on European soil existed again:  Genocide, concentration camps and hostage taking of a whole city.

This unbelievable revisiting upon European soil of the horrors of WWII sparked an interest to tell the human costs of the conflict beyond the sensationalist headlines that numb us to the human cost. A well-written and engaging read, made much more poignant when read in an age of relative peace.